Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 231 - 19th August 2015 - Lilies, Old Chair, Whirligig and Dock Street

Wednesday - my day off. Rah! Think I'll buzz around early and get things done before the fog burns off and it gets hot again. Maybe I'll spy something new on my walk this morning as well. Monday was pretty dull. There must be some Warblers wanting their picture taken. I think an afternoon swim will be on the agenda too.
I strolled along the foggy waterfront yesterday morning. Not quite as nice as the hood but lovely and mostly peaceful just the same. Not so busy with people at the office, a few but mostly I had a chance to get a few things done. Unfortunately the heat was terrible there - upstairs in a brick building doesn't equal coolness.  Got supper done and had an easy evening. Larry did up more beans for the freezer - we have over 30 bags done now. They will be good for winter.
These lilies were gorgeous. Love that bright orange color.
A place to sit and enjoy the view when the fog lifts.
Looking through the window at the Barrel Factory.
There are lots of different lilies along the waterfront. Everyone has some planted.
The garden at the Cooper's Inn is lovely - one of the features I like the best.
Not a lot of wind but enough to make his oars go round.
A great feature is the hanging baskets on the lamp posts. Even on a foggy morning they add a little punch of color.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I've not been feeling well this week but this morning your beautiful pics made me smile and appreciate the beauty all around us. We really do live in a beautiful town. Thanks Kim :)