Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 219 - 7th August 2015 - Red-eyed Vireos, Northern Parulas and Hydrangeas

Friday has arrived once again, looks like another fine day, little rain forecast for the weekend. The weeks go by quickly. Hair appointment after work - thank goodness.
I enjoyed Thursday with the breeze and clear air, but it made it feel like summer was flying by way too quickly. Saw a few birds on my morning walk, but not the numbers or species from other years. Fairly quiet day at work - sometimes that's a good thing. Exercise class at night - you know my favourite things - steps and stability ball in the mix.
Grandmother's Journal: 
7 August 1976: Overcast. Some rain showers. No company. Bobbie, Bettie, Mike up late afternoon. Mike stayed all night. Gertrude & Reggie were over afternoon. Game tonight 3-2. [Grandfather was a big Red Sox fan, switched to Blue Jays later years]. Rabbits ate beets, not many anyway. Peas - first ones getting over. Some carrots, small. Tomatoes coming, Peppers in bloom. Onions good. Not much in garden this year. 
8 August 1976: Mike was here overnight. Overcast, some showers late. Mike went up river, got two small fish. Lew & Rita up in afternoon. Bobbie, Bettie came for Mike. Gertrude over this afternoon late. Put my new covers on chesterfield and chair. Makes room look different. 

Red-eyed Vireos - there were several of them flitting and playing through the trees.

Another peaceful morning on the lake, with just a little mist rising from the water.

Lois' Hydrangea in the morning light.
The lilies have such great color.
Northern Parula tucked up in the apple tree.

Enjoy your day!

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