Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 305 - 31st October 2012 - A Stormy Night

Happy Halloween! Another month has finished. Off to town today, I've done that really stupid as I've got to go in again on Friday. Truthfully I would just like to hole up at home for a few days of peace and quiet. Have lots to do so will head on in. What a night - thunder and lightning too many times to count. The power flickered off a half dozen times as well including a few minutes ago. Hope it has finally stopped. Lexi will not be a happy camper by herself today, if the thunder continues. Weather forecasts says it will basically end this afternoon but still lots of rain for this morning.

Managed to get the laundry caught up, cookies baked, some housework and found time for Lexi and I to curl up on the sofa and have a nap in the afternoon. she of course had to have her new soft squeaky chipmunk that I brought her. It's quite the giant rodent but she loves getting new toys.
Still a few leaves left on this great oak, but most will finish blowing off last night I'm sure.
The lake was really rough and nothing was near as pretty as it has been.
Lexi was getting the wind blown look as she gazed at the waves.
Lots of white foam, waves and leaves washing up on the shore of the lake.
Not quite so welcoming yesterday afternoon.
Well must get mobile. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 304 - 30th October 2012 - Home again and leftovers from nicer days!

It's Tuesday morning and life is back to normal here at home - yes I'm up at 3:30am - groan! Lexi and I will definitely be down for a nap today. Guess the first thing I better do though is get ready for the storm, although I did haul out a few of my lanterns last night before I went to bed just in case the power was out during the night. So far so good. I can hear the wind this morning and the sky is so bright from the full moon but doesn't look or sound like it's raining right now. Sounds like we will get a fair amount of wind and rain. Tomorrow is also the 21st anniversary of The Perfect Storm which was a Halloween nor'easter that absorbed part of Hurricane Grace. Last year it was another Halloween nor'easter and we got snow, parts of the New England States were hit hard, but thankfully in Maine it wasn't too bad. When you come from a fishing area nor'easters are the ones you hunker down for. They bring the worst of the weather, in the winter it's snow storms, but  it's their strong wind that creates havoc. Hopefully all boats are in and secure and Hurricane Sandy is easy with us.

Yesterday was a long day, got through customs with out issue, which in itself is a feat if you've had 50 women shopping all weekend. But now that they've raised the amount you are allowed no one was over their duty free allowance. We were the first of probably 5 tour buses to go through so being the early bird has it's advantages. Got home around 4:40pm. I may have cracked the shoe addiction as well, only came home with one pair of trainers which I had on my list and there were lots of footwear on sale, especially boots! But I resisted!
A dismal day deserves a bit of color. I'm sure  there are no leaves left now.
A sunrise from earlier this month.
Missed the lake when I was gone, but since it's suppose to be miserable the next few days guess I won't get any good shots.
Getting ready to jump the windfall.
Next year will bring us more fall colors, but throughout the winter we can have memories of this season.
Well, the coffee cup is empty, time to take my turn at scrabble and better take some butter out as I'm sure I'll be making chocolate chip cookies this morning. Enjoy your day!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 303 - 29th October 2012 - Homeward Bound

The weekend is gone and we are heading home very, very early for most but you know me I'm up and mobile. Get my coffee and I'm good to go. We leave at 4am! Should be home by supper time. No winnings for me but had  great weekend. Keeping this short and sweet as I am heading to bed and posting this Sunday night instead of the morning - so Sherri - no peaking!!
I've been watching this mushroom for a while and he's gotten quite big.
By this evening I'll be looking at my country life again.
Not acorns but those waspy things I found a while back.
The rushing water of the Clyde River.
The water looks sooo cold.
Guessing after this week there will be no leaves left at all - sounds like  a storm on its way!
Promises for better posts this week. Enjoy your day!

Day 302 - 28th October 2012 - More Colors - Sky and Leaves

Sunday has arrived, the weekend is flying by way too fast. Still need to shop! So once again we head out shopping at 8am then to the Hall. Yesterday was spent mostly in the Bingo Hall but got in some quality shopping before and after. Managing to get some things checked off my Christmas list. We left the motel at 8am and arrived back at 9:30pm, today will pretty well be a repeat. Had a great day but a long one. No winnings for me, unless you count the 50 cents from a pull ticket I bought,  but one of my friends won not to mention several other women on the bus, so lots of happy people. Perhaps my luck will change today! Winning would be fabulous, although it's really about getting away, having no responsibilities, lots of fun and laughs with the girlfriends.  I missed my camera last evening when the moon was coming up - so bright and round, hope you all got to see it and the sky was totally clear. Weather has been fantastic, yesterday afternoon felt more like July or August instead of the last week of October. Watching Hurricane Sandy but I think we should be home tucked up in our beds by the time it rolls through and does whatever damage it does.

Another morning.
Just a hint of color. The colors in Maine have just about faded and dropped as well.A few Oak trees still hold their leaves, but have turned to brown.
Miss my girl, but talked to her on the phone last evening.
The tame ducks were out and about.
Am sure you are tired of the colors of fall, but bear with me a little longer.
A little bit of summer is still left.
Guess I'll head over to Tim Horton's for a cup of coffee - yes there is one across from the Motel, they are everywhere! About the only time I go is when I'm travelling, I can handle their tea but their coffee doesn't turn my crank but it's better than the stuff at the motel! Wish me luck. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 301 - 27th October 2012 - Sunrises, Leaves and my trip

It's early Saturday morning, have managed to snag the computer in the motel lobby. Not a lot of people up yet so I'm good to write. Up at 5am which is our 6am, forgot there was an hour difference. This morning we are off to shopping again at 8 for a bit then heading to the bingo hall for the day, guessed it - more shopping!HA!HA!
So yesterday was a long, long day. Got some shopping done, lots of laughs. Arrived before noon, the bus took us to Sams which is the equivalent to our Price Club - good deals, managed to get a few Christmas presents as well as enough chocolate chips to hold me for a while. A 72 oz bag was $10.28, now the equivalent of that would have cost me almost $20. at home - I bought 2 bags of course. I love a bargain! After that we headed for the motel, dropped off our luggage and 6 of us piled in to a taxi to head for the mall to eat some quick and shop. And then more stores. By 7pm we were definitely wiped out and landed at the bar/restaurant for a beer and something to nibble on. I just had potato skins/cheese and bacon with sour cream and they were good. One of the girls ordered the squash ravioli - umm seems to me I've read about this lately so I had to try one as well. I was mildly disappointment as they had laden them with nutmeg and I mean that was the only flavour there was so I it made me think dessert not entree. Ah well you live and learn. By 9pm we were ready for bed, deciding we had been up for 29 hours and couldn't walk another step!
Love me early mornings on the lake.
Still some colorful bushes along the shores of the lake.
Some ducks enjoying the lake.
This tree got hit by lightning the other year, it's top is gone but this much still stands collecting debris from above.
Just a few leaves near the top.
 Time for me to get another coffee and shake the sleep off. Wish me luck today. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 300 - 26th October 2012 - Early Morning on the Lake

It's Friday!! Sherri if you are reading this Thursday night - close it up until morning! I'm posting this Thursday night before I leave as I won't be near a computer until late on Friday and some people are a royal pain [just kidding] about when they get to read "their blog".  So Saturday morning I'll update everyone on the trip to date - however, the rule of the road is "what goes on in Bangor stays in Bangor". We really don't get in to any trouble - lots of laughter is always involved. You'll also be seeing my at home photos over the next few days as I'm not travelling with my camera. Huge anxiety over that but no camera or laptop. I may go through a bit of withdrawal, but the girls will keep me on an even keel, I'm sure. From past experience - we mostly see the inside of stores and the bingo hall so not worthwhile to carry extra baggage. Although a couple of trips ago we did get the taxi driver to take us by Stephen King's house - that was fun - I've seen it before but it's still really cool.

So I got everything done on my list, Thursday - house looks semi-decent [won't be this way when I get home but...], cooked a nice supper with leftovers for Larry, managed a nap and exercise class. Exercise class was murder so I'm sure I'll be seized up  after sitting on the bus for nearly 12 hours. Hopefully some heavy duty mall walking will work the kinks back out. It's been a long evening waiting to get ready to go, especially since I'm normally in bed by 9pm.  Oh well the price of fun!

This was a wonderful way to start the day.
It was so quiet and peaceful - not a ripple on the water.
Very thankful for neighbours who don't mind me roaming around their yards in the early morning.
I'm sure we will be watching the sun come up in Maine but it won't be this pretty.
The mist was rising up off the lake.
Lupin leaves are still on the roadside, a little frost is melting as the sun warms them up.
Some very naked looking trees. Brings home the reality that winter will soon move in. Well I'm enjoying Fall until then.
Am heading out to get on the bus! Enjoy your day.

Day 299 - 25th October 2012 - Along the Harbour Front

Thursday has arrived. Temperature is really chilly this morning at -0.9, we will have a frosty cover by the time the sun comes up. Lots to do today - we are off on the bus at midnight. Time to pack my purse - passport, money, earplugs, etc. Suitcase is all ready to go and hopefully I can find time for a short nap as well. I'll sleep some on the bus between rest stops, otherwise it's going to be a very long day, as we won't see a bed until tomorrow night. Massive amount of shopping planned for Friday! If I can squeeze in a nap then I'll go to exercise class this evening. Hopefully it won't be a painful night! HA!HA!
Yesterday was a lot cooler than it has been - brrr. There was frost in the morning, but it is nearly the end of October so we shouldn't be surprised. My day in town went well, nice to see a few people that I've not seen for a while. The price of gas had dropped too so that was a pleasant surprise - they used the "interrupter clause" and changed it mid week. I'm always happy when we can save money.
The view walking along Dock Street this morning was beautiful.
The mist was rising up off the harbour.
It was just stunning looking over at the Park.
Can't forget the other direction and the boats  down the harbour and the lighthouse.
And of course the ducks were around.
The light colored duck seemed to have a little attitude.
Well I have lots to do and really need a second cup of coffee to kick start myself. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 298 - 24th October 2012 - Leaves, Color, Mourning Doves, Lexi and Skies

Wednesday and my town day. Off to do some volunteer work, errands etc. Much cooler this morning - the temperature is +0.2, may dip down a bit more by daylight. Hoping I have a quiet and uneventful day so I can get some stuff caught up. Have several things that I'd like to see finished off today. Will be nice to stop at the Bean Dock and get caught up on all the weeks news. Going to town once/week is really nice but you miss a lot of the day to day happenings.
Yesterday was nice but cooler, I guess mostly because it was windy. If you managed to get in the sun and out of the wind it really wasn't all that bad. The morning wasn't all that great as the road work was going on right out side of our house, which meant that the little Princess Lexi was greatly disturbed. She's not keen on load noises especially if they involve metal. However, right after lunch they moved on up the road and we managed to get a good walk in, as well as tea with Lois. Finished cleaning and purging the library - another room down. Rah! Suitcase is all packed, will do my purse Thursday. Larry and Lexi made another trip to the garden after supper. This year it is truly the garden that keeps giving - they came home with Swiss chard and more carrots. Swiss chard will have for supper tonight, most of the carrots will go in the freezer. Not sure where the will fit but it's nice to have a freezer full of veggies throughout the winter. At the high price of fresh vegetable and poor quality in the store I am grateful to be able to eat our own all winter.

Seems there are more leaves on the lake now then on the trees.
All I found on the dock was a mourning dove.
Sky was beautiful again.
Some of the bushes along the side of the road are still holding some wonderful color.
Lexi patiently waits for me a little further up the road. She's loves to get out for a run and is  really good as a rule when I'm taking photos. Although sometimes I forget I have her with me. Oops!
Can not resist a little more red, after all the next time we see a lot of that color will be around Christmas! It is a great holiday color. Yeah - don't shoot me for that comment!
Another coffee and time to move. Enjoy your day!