Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 31 - 31st January 2013 - The Lake, Snow and Leaves

Here we are at the last day of the month. Poof! And it's gone. Mild temperatures and high winds today. Up too early but the temperature is + 13.3, hard to believe for this time of year. Woke up with my stomach kind of upset so hoping I'm not catching the flu/bug whatever everyone seems to have. Another grant application to do but think I'll put that off until the first of next week. Nothing planned that I have to get done today so maybe I'll go back to the old photos for a while and clean up around. Guessing Lexi and I will do some walking but that's everyday anyway.
I missed fantastic photos yesterday morning - the sunrise was just unbelievable. Driving in town it was as if there sky was on fire it was so bright in shades of red and pinks. I didn't take my camera since the weather was suppose to be nasty and missed it all.
From Grandmother's Journal:
Wednesday, 30 January 1974 - Another Spring like day. Overcast early. Bob to MC for day. Home 6 o'clock. Kim up for supper. 
Thursday, 31 January 1974 - Med day. Overcast. Bob to MC. Mother and I down to Vocational school have our hair done. Went shopping after. Catherine and I had bridge at her house. All of us there. High winds tonight. Showers. [does that sound familiar?]
Friday, 1 February 1974 - An awful night last night. High winds. No big rain or snow. Just a few flurries during this morning. Wind very cold. Bob stayed home today. Afternoon, Mother, Bob and I up to Ohio. Roads frozen today. No ruts, some potholes, but on the whole very good. Lakes almost all open just ice in the coves. Rube says temp 0 or 5 above but winds are so strong. 

 Trees cast their shadows on the lake.
 Guess these leaves will hang on til new ones sprout out in the spring.

Snow clad branches.

 A place to skate on the lake.
It was good til the skater fell down [not me though]

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 30 - 30th January 2013- Sunrises and Home made Bread

Wednesday and the temperature is -6.9. Suppose to warm up quite a bit today and rain, although they are giving some ice pellets mixed with that for this morning. Hoping that doesn't happen on the way to town. It's my volunteer/errand day. I'm anticipating a busy day since I wasn't in last week. Also have to stop and look at glasses with Larry this afternoon as he has an appointment tomorrow (and I'm not in town) and wants me to help him pick something out. We'll run in after work and see what they have today. It's hard to pick out glasses for yourself, I never know what looks good. Mine should be good for another year. Another added expensive but a necessity.
The temperature actually went up above 0 yesterday. It was nice out walking, but I had to hang around most of the afternoon for the telephone man to come. The adventure in making brown bread turned out great! I made up a few rolls to go with supper too. Best brown bread [next to my Mom's] that I have ever eaten if I do say so myself, you can find the recipe here: . I also got those beans cooked up and we had a rice/bean/ shrimp dish for supper with brown bread rolls. Pretty tasty and I will soon weigh much, much more!
 I couldn't resist the sunrise coming through the trees this morning.
 Beautiful colors.

Wish I could have stayed a few minutes longer but was beginning to lose the feeling in my fingers even with gloves on. Just too cold.

Warm out of the oven.

Well the rest of the household is stirring, time to go. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 29 - 29th January 2013 - Lexi, Chairs, Snow Bling and a Robin

I'm surprised this morning, thought it would be warmer but it's -12. 6, well suppose to go to 0 today. Think it's going to be a kitchen day - I soaked out dried beans overnight so need to cook and do something with those. No it will not be baked beans as I really hate those - too many Saturday nights looking at them as a child. These are ones we grew in the garden, Larry shelled out and dried. I've found a recipe for beans, rice and crayfish  (I'm going to use shrimp), involves some cayenne pepper, etc. so might be tasty. I'm also going to tackle brown bread. I sorted out some more photos yesterday so will continue with that project again too.  I got a bit annoyed going through the photos - I had loaned them to a family member a few years ago and she felt the need to write on them. It might have been nice she knew who they were but she had no business writing on them (in ball point pen especially). They weren't her property. A lesson learned.
A bit warmer yesterday with no wind. The sun is gaining strength. Not a bad day until I got the mail which contained the NS Power bill. Joy, joy that's gone up again. The rich get richer and the poor pay for it. How much money does one company really need. It's hard enough for those of us that work, but I feel sorry for people on fixed incomes like seniors who have worked all their lives and now have to face continuous increases in the basics of living with little to no raise in pension cheques. My rant of the day! Had a good night at exercise - well I'm sure it's going to be painful sometime in the next day or so.
 Sometimes Lexi doesn't realize where the shore ends and the lake begins now that it's snow over ice.

 Tree fungi.
 I think he was enjoying the sun while sitting on the fence.

 A little bit of snow bling.

 Still too cold to sit by the lake. Guess you could use them to put skates on.

Don't get excited, he's not a spring Robin, they actually hang around all winter.

Looks like a busy day, best get moving. Enjoy your day!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 28 - 28th January 2013 - Chocolate Cake and Home made Ice Cream

Monday and back to the work force for most folks. Temperature is -11.8. It's suppose to rise to -4 today and be sunny, that will be nicer for sure.  I'm going to tackle some more of those family photos and work on the budget for that grant application due this week. Of course Lexi and I will be out and around. Exercise class tonight - probably a good thing after yesterday.
We had a nice quiet day at home celebrating Larry's Birthday yesterday. I know most of you will probably gasp and roll your eyes today with what I have to say, so here goes. We made home made coffee ice cream - well Larry did most of the work I did some stirring and supervising. We always make a custard base first that you cook on the stove, so much richer but what ingredients - 3 cups whole milk, 2 cups of blend, 6 eggs, sugar, flour and then 4 cups of whipping cream. And then Larry made a chocolate pound cake - ah there you go, surprised? He actually likes to cook and I've never made that cake as well as he does so off he went to the pantry! I didn't want to deprive him of doing what he wanted on his birthday. The moon has been fabulous the last few nights, if it wasn't quite so cold I would have gone down by the lake and taken some photos but daytime has been bad enough.
The recipe booklet - well worn with age - guessing by those outfits probably early 1960's.

The recipe with notes on the bottom re the milk.

 Larry dishing out the ice cream.
 And it was very good indeed.
Chocolate Pound Cake.

I hear the rest of the household moving, time to get going. Enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 27 - 27th January 2013 - Snow Geese and Waves

Sunday, a little too early and the temperature is -10.2 Pretty consistent, I think that's what it was when I went to bed last night. My hubby's birthday today - not revealing his age! HA!HA! It's ice cream making day, not sure what flavour he has in mind but my favourite is coffee. I have a bit of a lactose problem so all that milk and cream will probably make me suffer but it will be well worth it. As children it was always a winter treat and sometimes a summer one. I can remember one year Mom making it for my birthday in June. The last time I had it was in 2008 at my Grandmother's 90th birthday party, my cousin Jim made it [he sent me his recipe yesterday which is very similar to mine.] She passed away that following month but it was a nice memory of all of us together.
Saturday went really well. Buzzed into town, got the shopping done, some groceries a bill paid then headed for Lockeport in time for the Harmony Bazaar AGM. Great group of people [I was going to say women, but there are two men] on the Executive and Board. Nice to see how they organize such a fantastic event every year. If you love music this is the event for you - takes place in late July each year in Lockeport over 3 days. I'll keep you posted. Of course we didn't leave home without our cameras. A trip to Lockeport always includes a visit to the beach.
We were really lucky to see the Snow Geese on the soccer field which have now doubled in numbers.

 Lots of ice on the rocks along the shore.
 Nothing better than waves when you visit the beach...but too cold to swim.

 Just beginning to roll over.

The lighthouse looked like it was floating on a cloud above the water.

Needing another coffee. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 26 - 26th January 2013 - Frosty Shapes, Snow and Buds

It's Saturday and the temperature is -10.7. Right now it looks like mid next week will be warm and probably rain but I'll take the change. So a busy day of running around I think. It's time for groceries, have to run into the office and copy the grant I did earlier in the week, attach what needs to go with it and mail that. Need to take a program off a friend's computer for her and find a birthday card for Larry. I've been invited to a do in the afternoon but not really sure if I'm going to make it there now - it's out of town. With everything else to do and the weather [flurries and cold] not sure if I'm going to make it, which means I will be disappointed but can't stretch myself in that many places at once.
Another cold and bitter day Friday. I won't say anymore about it. Got the grant application pretty well finished, just to spend a few minutes on the budget, pull some info at the office and good to go. That I can do between now and Wednesday. Found the ice cream machine and the recipe booklet yesterday - more about that once we get it made on Sunday. Spent a lazy evening in front of the TV.
Icy frost on a window.

I can almost see the formation of flakes, but not quite.
Someone said the other night, the snow doesn't crunch it squeaks now - something to do to with the lack of water in it.
I rather like these frosty shapes.
Looks kind of delicate.
Guess no one is living in there now.
The Rhodo buds look chilly.
Another season past.

Coffee time. Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 25 - 25th January 2013 - Lake, Hockey Net, Trees & Birds

Friday has rolled around! Temperature is -14.2, Brrr. Will be a day of housework and grant writing, want to get that last one for this month done up. Spent a little time on it yesterday, but need to make a few phone calls and get some information to put in there. Also need to come up with just the right "buzz" words - it's all about the wording, after all you have to convince a bunch of strangers that you are worthy of the money. Larry has a birthday coming up on the weekend and wants to make home made ice cream, so I better  find the machine and see what I need. Hopefully that still works. It's been many years since we've done ice cream. Used to get a big bunch of neighbours together and do it at least once/winter and it was always so much fun. My mom made it when we were children, she had a hand crank machine, it was always a big treat to get the paddles when it was done.
Need I repeat myself - it was cold again yesterday! I know it's winter but please can we have a bit of a break...I know they say it's coming the first of next week, then followed by another cold snap. Lexi and I spent too much time outside - that dog loves the snow and cold! I did a few things  around the house and because of my early morning which left me with a headache by mid morning we had a little nap after lunch. Exercise class last night was hurtful, can well imagine how I'll feel tomorrow (sometimes the pain takes 2 days to arrive).
More blustery weather across the lake.
 The Birch trees look interesting with just a bit of snow.
 Blue skies, at least.
 Looks like a neighbour is getting ready for some ice sports.
I'm beginning to wonder if it's the same little fellow that poses for me on a daily basis.

Kind of has a dip in his top.

Time to get moving. Enjoy your day!