Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 31 - 31st January 2015 - At the Feeder - Redpolls, Goldfinches, Pine Siskins and a Woodpecker

We got some more snow during the night or earlier this morning. Temperature is back to 0 again so I'm guessing it will start warming up and change to rain soon. It's suppose to be another yoyo weather day. I might get out in between. Otherwise I'll do some more computer work, laundry and housework. Sounds like an exciting time!
The temperature warmed up to +1 in the afternoon then dipped back to 0. Sun broke out but not for very long, most of the day remained overcast and grey. I made some reading headway on a manuscript for a new book the Society will be publishing this summer, did some housework and made a chicken soup. Lexi and I did some roaming and on one of our trips we saw the pair of Pileated Woodpeckers, but of course I had no camera with me. Her on a leash and a big camera are too much for me to maneuver this time of year when I'm watching the footing. Hopefully there will be another day and opportunity.
Redpoll in the Honeysucle Bush.
One of our resident Woodpeckers.
Redpoll landing.
Mr. Redpoll readying for a stand off.
Seemed to be a regular pose yesterday.
Not a great shot - need a wide angle lens to get them all - but just a portion of the Goldfinches, Pine Siskins and Redpolls feeding.
Pine Siskin and Goldfinch in one of the small feeders.
Goldfinch. The fence is a great spot to catch them.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 30 - 30th January 2015 - Bling, Purple Finch, Clouds and a Chickadee

Up too early this morning, will be a long day. Temperature is -10, the stars that were out last night twinkling in the sky seem to have all disappeared now. Snow and rain on the way for tonight and Saturday, but today looks like it will be fine again. Another chance to tramp through the woods. This morning I'm going to keep a good eye out for those Woodpeckers. A little housework and some more computer work on the list for today.
Now that winter has arrived the feeders are busy most all day. The usual suspects were there - Blue Jays, 5-6 Mourning Doves, 3 Starlings, lots of Chickadees and Goldfinches, Redpolls, Pine Siskins, 2 Woodpeckers and a female Purple Finch. Each day it seems someone new arrives. Now a few Evening Grosbeaks would be a nice addition. Haven't seen my regular Red-Breasted and White-Breasted Nuthatches this year. And I might add the Pileated Woodpecker was around, but not close enough for good photos, although he flew by me once if I had of had my wits about me and camera in place. I did accomplish some computer work and a few other things besides sitting in front of the kitchen window watching the birds. Honestly, it's hard to drag myself away.
 It was a sparkly, bling kind of day in the woods on my walk.

 Clouds that were iridescent -  pink and green!

 Chickadee hanging out on the fence.
 And a female Purple Finch arrived.

The Pileated Woodpecker. Can you see him? There were actually two, maybe a pair. They tormented me for a while then went over and teased Lois. Wonder if I can hide in an old rotten tree and wait for them.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 29 - 29th January 2015 - Pine Siskins, Red Polls, Woodpecker and Goldfinches

Temperature is -7 this morning. Looks like we have a system working it's way toward us once again - Friday night into Saturday. Snow and then rain. We've been lucky with weather all winter so I guess we shouldn't complain too much. Spring is getting closer...I think. Have some computer work to do today - the database that I'm trying to clean up/re-arrange and update. It's coming along. Maybe I'll spend an hour on the dress I'm altering. Might even get out for a walk without Lexi and check out Lois' feeders - see if she has anything different.
Another day of mixed weather - little rain, mostly snow, some wind,  temperature wobbled back and forth as did the internet. Go figure - blizzard and ice pellets it was good. Seems when the temperature warms up, that's when the problems start. Good day in front of the kitchen window watching the feeders. There are so many Goldfinches this year, lots of Redpolls mixed in with them and a handful of Pine Siskins. Of course the Blue Jays and Chickadees were here, 2 Mourning Doves, 1 Junco and  a pair of Hairy Woodpeckers. Lexi and I roamed through the woods a few times, nothing exciting there these days.
 Pine Siskins.
 Maybe I take too many photos of the Redpolls, but I really like them. They are one of my favourite winter feeder birds.
 Pine Siskin
Mourning Dove.
 Mrs. Hairy Woodpecker likes to get right into the feeders, none of that suet for her. The Mr. was in another one.
 A couple of Goldfinches.
And another Redpoll. All the birds like to sit on the fence of this post.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 28 - 28th January 2015 - Redpolls, Redpolls, Goldfinches and a Starling

Temperature is -1 this morning and it feels like a bit of rain or something coming down. Anyone driving should  be extra careful. Thankfully the wind has died out. Lexi and I will roam around today, need to get out and get the exercise I didn't get yesterday. Hard to believe that last week I was out walking with sneakers, now we are back to winter boots and bundling up. It's all relative since it's winter in Nova Scotia. Changes happen quickly, but it's a great place to be.
Tuesday was a storm day. Larry stayed home and we kind of lazed around most of the day. Computer, reading, a little volunteer work, too much eating but nothing of a strenuous nature. I enjoyed sitting at the kitchen window watching the birds at the feeders - Blue Jays, Mourning Doves, Goldfinches, Redpolls and 1 Junco.  I did nip out to the deck a few times and got some better shots than through the kitchen window. We didn't get quite as much snow (or at least I don't think we did) as we were suppose to but also had ice pellets and thunder.  Not much traffic ventured up and down the road other than the plow. Larry went out after supper to shovel, but thanks to a good neighbour it only had to do a little bit. Living in the country is good.
Definitely having a bad hair day!
Redpoll and Goldfinch hanging on in the wind.
Is there anything in there?
The wind was so strong.
They just huddled on the fence, waiting a turn in the feeder.
The wind fluffed up their feathers.
This Starling was travelling with a few Blue Jays.
Like  a tightrope artist, this Redpoll tip-toes across the fence.
Hopping along in the wind.

She didn't seem to be bothered that I was quite close.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 27 - 27th January 2015 - Ice, Cranberries, Chickadee and a Squirrel

Happy Birthday to my hubby! So we are having a snowstorm - first one of the winter and it's raging out there now. Temperature is -10, wind is blowing hard. I'm surprised I've got internet, but better not say that out loud as not likely it will last the day. Ice pellets later and then rain. It looks like a day to curl up with the kobo and read - snacks will be needed of course. Reminds me of snow days when we were children - no school and you could play outside and make snowmen and forts. Seems to me the snow was always much deeper than we have now.
Monday was another cold day. Went to town in the morning, got the final grant application done (RAH) and caught a ride home at lunch time. Was glad to get home, stoke the furnace back up and get the house warmed. Lexi and I had a little run, then I spent some time getting "storm ready", just in case we had a power outage. Exercise class last night - hopefully I worked off a little of that chocolate cake. Redpolls are still hanging in the large flock of Goldfinches, also plenty of Blue Jays and Chickadees at the feeder. Our one lone Junco is still around too.
The cranberry ditches are frozen solid once again.
You can see a few cranberries frozen in the ice and a few just along the edge - bright and red.
There was a calm eeriness about the lake.
The acrobatic Chickadee.
Larry's nemesis.

Enjoy your day, stay warm and dry.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 26 - 26th January 2015 - Redpoll, Goldfinches, Ice and Bubbles

It's a chilly morning, temperature is -9. Looks like we are in for a nor'easter beginning sometime tonight. I'm heading into town this morning to get my normal "Wednesday" errands, volunteer work etc. done. Don't think I want to take a chance with the rest of the week. Looks like it might be a week of mostly snow and probably rain afterwards - but who knows. The stars are all out and you could hear the lake talking last night - moaning and groaning; echoing back and forth.
Had a great day Sunday.  Went out for a quick walk. Made brown bread rolls and pizza, then we had four wonderful women come to supper and we made ice cream. Three of them are like sisters to Larry and the other a second Mother, two of them will celebrate birthdays this week as well. So we had a Birthday celebration for Larry, Cathy and Bonnie - lots of laughs. What man wouldn't want to celebrate his  - - th birthday with only women!
One of the Redpolls in an Apple tree. They were back in the morning but not the afternoon.
This little Goldfinch is so puffed up he looks so big.
After all the rain the temperature dipped a little and pretty ice patterns were made.

There is still lots of nature debris frozen in the lake.
A patch of ice in the woods has a layer of water but was bubbling - wonder what that's all about.
There were lots of Goldfinches around.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 25 - 25th January 2015 - Sunrise, Redpolls and Goldfinches

And the rain came before noon yesterday, but it was still a good day. Got the Chili cooking in the morning.
The rain stopped by the time I got up, temperature is right around 0. Have to make brown bread rolls to go with the chili and might make dough for a couple of pizzas. Company coming for supper, but first we'll make ice cream in celebration of Larry's birthday coming up this week. Can't remember where all the years have gone. So lots to do and I want to try to get a walk in there somewhere.
Those big one pot meals are great on the stove with their aromas floating throughout the kitchen on a cold or wet day. Did some other things around the house, Larry put some wood in the basement. He and Lexi went for some ice for the ice cream making session.  even managed to find time for a walk before the rain started. Biggest and best news of the day was the Redpolls arrived. Wohoo! Started with around 12 and some Goldfinches, by late in the afternoon there were at least 20 and 40 Goldfinches. The yard was alive. Went to town supper time to help a friend celebrate her birthday - no mention of age on this one but it was special.
It was a beautiful sky as the sun came up but we all know the old sayings "red sky at dawn, sailor's be warned, red sky at night sailor's delight".
A few of the Redpolls that landed.

If only the weather had been better. In the afternoon they were all over the fence and on the ground in front of the kitchen window.

A handsome male with lots of red.

I think he might be feeding the Goldfinch.
Cracking the shell!
I love their little red caps - a  female.
The fence is a good place to hang out too.

Enjoy your day!