Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 152 - 31st May 2012 - Hummingbirds, Lupins and Twin Flowers

Thursday, grey and dismal looking out, temperature is +15. It would be really nice to wake up and watch one of those fabulous sunrises again instead of fog. They are giving drizzle with clearing. Back to work this morning, the day off is over. Today and tomorrow will be  hardworking, get things done kind of days. Have to get ready for the yardsale on Saturday, hoping to raise lots of funds for the Centre. It's the annual Townwide Yardsale which is gaining lots of people since it started about 4 years ago. Everyone loves a bargain. I on the other hand need to get rid of things not buy more. Pity help the poor person who ever has to clean out this house. Not that we hoard, Larry does a little (but I don't look in his rooms), but it seems we have  accumulated a lot. Every once in a while, I do a little purging.

Wet, foggy and rainy in the early morning yesterday but it did clear somewhat, although the fog remained most of the day. I accomplished a lot, but not sure it was the things I was suppose to do, oh well! More positive news and a better aura around me or so it seemed.
This little fellow was sitting on the fence post this morning.

And he gets ready to fly off again!
He returned for just a few minutes. They are so pretty with that iridescent green on their backs.
The lupins are pretty well in bloom. I like raindrops on flowers and .....
The birds were all chirping lunch time when I went for a walk, but I never did see any.
I find the twin flowers with my nose, you can smell their sweetness long before you see them. They are among the smallest and most delicate of the wildflowers.
Time for another cup of coffee and get the day rolling along. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 151 - 30th May 2012 - Fushia, Kitty and Rhododendron

It's Wednesday, thank goodness and my day off, guess what that brings - rain, you got it, it rains every Wednesday! The temperature is once again +11.2, it seems to hang right around +11 every morning. Being consistent is a good thing, I think.

Well yesterday was not a great day. But I guess the only thing to do is to pick myself up and dust myself off and dig in my heels! In the great words of Winston Churchill - We will never surrender!

It felt cold enough to snow at supper time, brrr! To top off the day we had a whopper of a thunder and lightening storm. I guess is started somewhere between 11pm and midnight. I would have slept through the whole thing which is my norm, except I had a 56 lb, four legged child on top of my head shaking, shivering and panting. Poor girl, Lexi really hates the thunder and it was bad. She the first dog we've ever had that was afraid, but then she's a lot more hyper than the ones in the past. I did eventually fall back to sleep. Larry said it left and returned, guess I wasn't awake for the encore.
Lois' Fuchsia is beautiful. They are such a marvelous hanging plant.
The colors are so strong and vibrant.
Think she maybe stalking something, but poor little thing rarely catches anything. Of course that's the way we like it.
Not sure what it is and I'm too lazy to look it up (I'm uploading these Tues evening).
One of Irene's Rhododendrons. It's rather attractive against the woodland setting.
A little bit of color in the garden.
It's a new day, life feels better and it's time to get on with things. Lots to do. Have two of the brother in laws coming for supper, some light housekeeping and some Water St. work. Oh yeah sounds like a full day for sure! Ribs for supper, think I'll marinate them then use a Montreal chicken spice rub, which we love and I buy from my favourite store, the Bulk Barn. Might even find time to make some dessert!
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 150 - 29th May 2012 - Wisteria and Goldfinches

The sky looks more promising this morning, temperature is +11.1. However, rain is forecast again. So it's another working day, wonder what the day will bring. Peace and tranquility I hope, so I can get caught up some. Do you ever feel like you take one step forward and three steps back, that's kind of the way I am these days. I guess the best thing to do is take it one at a time, and hopefully at some point it will all get done. I have a feeling that today is one of those days that it will be hard to stay positive. Oh well, still have a few hours before putting on the happy face and dealing with the world! I feel so much perkier when I see the sun coming up bright at strong in the morning. Back to town this evening for a meeting.

Monday was a Monday, rainy most of the morning, cleared off by noon, but what more can you say about that. Worked on a display about Fishing that needs to be up by Friday most of the day. Still so much more to do!
Try as I might, I can never get really good photos of my Wisteria, but I'm posting them anyway.
It's just spectacular. Reaches across into the apple tree which now looks like it has purple blossoms.
A close up of some of the flowers.
Up and down the Apple tree.
One of the Iris' are starting to open up.
A pretty goldfinch checking out some seeds from the dandelion I think.
He seemed to enjoy sitting on the fence; he and his friends were all over the apple trees and wisteria.
Well enough of feeling out of sorts, might as well suck it up princess and move on, get another cup of coffee and find something positive to concentrate on - negativity breeds negativity!
Enjoy your day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 149 - 28th May 2012 - Canoes, Kayaks and Ducklings

Monday morning, the weekend is over once again and we are cruising toward the end of another month. Temperature is +11.5 and still a little too dark to tell what the sun is doing yet. Looks like rain in the forecast for this week, right now it looks like my Wednesday will be another wet one. Well I'll wait and see, we all know how fast the weather can change. Lots to do at the centre this week.

Sunday was a great day,  I don't think it could have been  much better - only if there had been less flies. Sun was warm, breeze was nice. Minimum amount of housework, some reading Water St. on the deck and lots of activity around the lake. I mean good action. Started off the morning by tending to the kitties I'm looking after this weekend and feeding the ducks. All quiet there, only one duck around. No geese for two days.
A lot of pollen on the lake this morning. Look out allergies.
Looked out the window just before 10am and there were trucks with canoes going down the driveway at the neighbours. Lexi and I being nosey decided we should check it out so off we went with camera in hand!
What a great bunch of folks, my understanding is that most of them work more or less together. Kayaks and Canoes running the old Canoe Rally route.
Some experienced paddlers, some not.
They had a perfect day weather wise on the lake and river. Hope they had fun.
So after lunch I headed over to the lake with my tripod to see if I could find the babies. There they were. Having a little nap on the dock with Mama.  Crawled over some rocks, got my tripod balanced on a few, stuck my glasses in the crook of a tree and ripped off a few branches that were in my way........
She keeps a close watch over all of them.

Never one to be satisfied, I tried moving around and getting a little closer. So camera on tripod off I creep. Setting myself up at a different angle. Think I should clear out a few of these bushes, but overall pretty successful.
I just can't get enough of these little ones.
I like the way that the purple is framed out between the leaves on her wing.
I think she's going to have a little nap too.
Something has caught their attention.
And off they head to the water, nap time is over.
They all stay close together and mind their mama!
She always sends them to one of the rocks. So my adventure with the babies was over and I headed back home. Larry got the lawn mowed, I cooked a roast. We took a drive over to Upper Clyde to visit for  a bit before supper.  Home again, pj's on for the evening. Am happy with the little practice I had with  the tripod and I tried out using the timer just for fun. Guess I posted a few too many photos but it's hard to narrow them down. Some days are more plentiful than others!
Don't work too hard today, just ease back into the work week! Enjoy the day!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 148 - 27th May 2012 - Twin Flowers and Take Out

The sun is already shining and the sky is clear except for some small fluffy clouds. Temperature is +11.2 and rising. So today promises to be a good looking day. Larry's getting ready to go work the breakfast, I guess I need to get through a few more chapters of Water St. (only managed 3 yesterday) and finish up some "light" housework. Light just means the bare necessities - in good weather that's all I'm doing these day. Lawn needs to be tackled and some flower beds weeded this afternoon.

Yesterday was rather foggy most of the day. Larry worked part of the day, then we headed to Barrington for groceries. Got almost everything I wanted, saw half of Shelburne out there - a good sale really attracts people. Everyone had been telling me about the Take Out at West Head, so since we were in that direction and it was supper time we head off to Cape Sable Island to check it out. It was good, big portions, reasonably priced and the food was good. I had clams and chips, Larry had scallops and chips. Nothing fancy - paper plates and plastic cutlery but that suited us fine. There are a few picnic tables available but we ate in the truck. On a nicer day we might have taken it somewhere close to the water, but the fog was so thick at that point you couldn't see much. However, by the time we left the Island, the fog was finally clearing. Back home we headed, grocery bags full, bank account empty and bellies satisfied!
No she's not in a cage, just peaking at me through the railings on the deck, and very happy to see me.
Beautiful colors and more opening each day.
Reflections in the water.
The first Twin Flower, my very favourite wildflower.
Not a great photo but they are so cute to watch.
Like little soldiers all in a row!
Mama Duck!
The West Head take out, one of the hidden gems on Cape Sable Island.
A little artwork next to the Take Out.
I guess it's time for me to get mobile, Larry will be leaving in a few minutes and I need to get on to laundry and Water St. I should be able to get everything done up this morning and take advantage of the afternoon sunshine. I see rain in the forecast for part of the upcoming week so lots to do today!
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 147 - 26th May 2012 - Mist, Lady Slippers and Honeysuckle Bushes

Saturday has arrived, the temperature is +14.6 and I see daylight coming. They say a chance of showers this morning with clearing but who knows. Larry is heading to work and I see lots for me to do here so my day will be put to good use even if it's not what I want to do! I don't see any time this weekend for drives and exploration with the cameras.  Some weekends you just have to buckle down and work, right? I do want to dig out my tripod though and try practicing some with it. I've not used it a lot and can certainly see some advantages. I guess that will be my adventure, I'm sure once I try it out a few times I'll get the hang of it. I suppose I have to add grocery shopping in there somewhere on the list of very fun [not] things to do today as well. Maybe I should just go back to bed!

Friday was nice, sun came out but it was a little cooler (much to my liking). We got the financial year end all finished off and set up Simply Accounting for the new year [well Trina did]. I think we are ahead of schedule this time, maybe we are just really on the ball. Since it was Friday I got my once a week treat at the Bean Dock - bacon/scallop wrap, oh how I enjoy those. Went for a walk after supper through the path in the woods, amazing how things grow and change from day to day. The light after supper is so soft and pleasant, when it hits something on the ground it's just a little glow.

A heavy mist was rising on the lake yesterday morning.
Another of my top ten favourites - the Lady Slipper. Can't believe that I walked through the path two days ago and they weren't in bloom and now they are.

The forest floor is covered like a blanket of white with Canada Mayflowers.
A Rhododendrum, I think. The bright orange is a nice addition to any yard.
This is a colorful little decoration in the garden.
Watching me and the birdies from under the trees.  He never comes too close unless he's mad at his owner, then he'll get in my lap.
From my Honeysuckle Bush. It's huge and full of flowers; a favourite of the bees and hummingbirds!
Soon time for the rest of the household to wake up so I'm off to put the kettle on and make another cup of coffee. Perhaps I'll see the baby ducks today and some other interesting birds. Never know!
Enjoy your day, don't work too hard!