Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 146 - 25th May 2012 - Turtles and Trees

I've been told that today is TGIF - Thank Goodness it's Friday. I guess that just about sums it up! The temperature feels a little cooler this morning, but it's still +10.1, maybe the humid has dropped and that's the difference from a few days ago. The last day of the work week, again, of course it's been a short week so maybe that's why it seems faster than usual. Well I'll take a stab at getting caught up again today. Trina will be in to do up the financial year end, then I'll tackle some of those research queries and Water St. Yesterday I did get some more data for Karen at the Registry of Deeds and got more confused about some properties. I guess that comes with the territory!

Thursday was beautiful, not too hot, but nice and comfortable with lots of sunshine. I don't feel that I got as much done at the office as I wanted, but that happens doesn't it? Photography class last evening, we are almost done this session and will be getting ready for our Show in July. That should be fun. It's been a great class, but I don't feel that I'm at my potential yet, so need to keep up the practicing.
One of the Chestnut trees growing in town. Tall and beautiful right now as they are in bloom.

Some of the blooms. They almost look like like wisteria.
Lexi found a turtle and brought it home to show me after supper. She wasn't quite sure what that hard shelled creature was!
It's that time of year when you see them on the side of the road or crossing the road, so please be careful!
The flowers on my Wisteria are starting to fill out.
Bleeding Heart, such an interesting looking flower.
I don't see the sun rising yet, but it is getting lighter out there. Guess he must be a little slow this morning. No big plans for this weekend, Larry has the Fireman's Breakfast on Sunday and it looks like I'll have a date with editing Water St. Oh well, not every weekend can be filled with excitement!
Enjoy your day!

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  1. TGIF!! lol like you I will have some work to do over the weekend, but I will be sure to sneeak some garden time in. Off to Halifax Sat or Sun for a Weight Watchers seminar, I get to choose which day. Cute photos of Princess Lexi with the turtle. "Would you like to be my friend/" lol The wisteria is going to be breath taking...