Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 141 - 20th May 2012 - Hummingbirds, Geese and Orchid Cactus.

No fog this morning, just pure sunshine on the way. Temperature is +7.9. Not sure what we will do today, but since we didn't get off and explore anywhere yesterday I really want to do that. Larry will probably get a bit more gardening done this morning, I have some paper work to sort out and will weed some more. Maybe by lunch time we'll have all our chores done and can escape for a few hours.

Saturday was a mix of work around the house/yard and being lazy or I should say some much needed down time. Before supper I headed to the deck with cooler, book and camera in hand. As the hummingbird came in to feed, I snapped a few photos. Pretty laid back way to do it. Although some are a bit dark; the feeder is hooked to the overhang at the back door. Tried doing some weeding in the afternoon but the killer blackflies came after me. My forehead now looks like I'm peppered with measles! Larry spent most of the day (other than when we went to town shopping) in the garden. He planted carrots, beets, some beans, peas, Swiss chard, parsley, onions and I'm not sure what else. He's not finished yet.
My orchid cactus is beginning to bloom. Great, easy plants to have in the house - water them once in a while and basically you can ignore them.
Bluebeard Lily or Yellow Clintonia. The berries are a "true blue". I like the way the flower casts a shadow on the leaf. It triggers a memory of making shadows against the camp wall when we went with my Great Grandmother M. I hadn't remember that until I looked at this.
The geese were around this morning, they are so much fun to watch.
He's always doing a little talking and strutting his stuff.
Once again...... I like their poses in this one.
Really hard to get a good shot of this little fellow but I think it's some type of Warbler.
From my deck time before supper. A female Ruby Throated Hummingbird. They are so small and fast.
It's a little blurry but those tiny wings were moving pretty fast!
The second day of the long weekend, don't work too hard folks, spend some time with family and friends. Enjoy your day!


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