Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 128 - 7th May 2012 - Tree Rings, Rhodora, Flowers and Birds

Back to Monday and the tempertature is +3.2, doesn't really feel like it. Looking like it will be a wet week by the weather forecast. Lots to do this week. Meeting tomorrow night, have agenda, etc to get prepared for that today. I'm off to Halifax on Thursday, so Wednesday will have to make some fudge or something to take with me, pack and all that fun stuff. So it will be a busy week.

Sunday was a beautiful day, sun was out and the blackflies, but at times a bit of a breeze. Down on the lake after supper it was blowing a gale. I spent the morning doing all the fun stuff - laundry etc. Went to check for the baby ducks a couple of times but no luck. At this rate they will be grown up before I get to see them! Larry worked in the wood pile most of the day and mowed the lawn again. So much excitement here, a person can hardly stand it. Dad dropped in for a visit in the afternoon.
Larry's woodpile got me to thinking about the age of several very big sticks of wood (not sure how he's going to cut those up but....). I think we probably learned in elementry school about counting the rings and it would tell you how old the tree was.
Count the rings!
The flower.......oops I mean weed that grows best with no tender loving care.
Maple leaves are popping out.
Woodland flower, growing along the path.
Rhodora, one of my favourite wild flowers. It's from the same family as the Rhododendrum. Usually you will see it along river banks, wettish or rocky  spots. The story I heard as a little girl was - when the Rhodora is in bloom the trout don't bite. Not sure why, but......
The wind was blowing hard after supper and the lake was rough. The mallards were bobbing along like toy ducks.
I think this is the female purple finch.
So yesterday was mostly a mish mash of photos. I didn't go back out last night after the moon, but I think the clouds had taken over anyway.
Enjoy your day!


  1. It's funny...I've had a bird like that at my feeder lately too and I've been looking online trying to identify it. I narrowed it down to either a female purple finch (although I never see the males around) or a song sparrow. I couldn't identify the differences between the two... (and as I type this one arrived at my window feeder..) I am leaning towards song sparrow because I would think if it was a purple finch I'd see the male around too, but I don't.

  2. Nice photos. I see your friends the geese are still hanging around. Glanced at the moon last night and could have stayed looking at it for ever. It was rather luminous in the sky and thought I might need some sleep so gave up, rolled over and went to sleep. Have a good Monday if there is such a thing :)