Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 130 - 9th May 2012 -Cobwebs and stuff

Had a late night so I've overslept this morning. I need a certain amount of beauty sleep at my age, no more can I burn the candle on both ends and survive on a few hours of sleep. Temperature is way up there at +8.6, cloudy and dismal, with rain on it's way. But we need the rain, just wish it would rain at night, clear during the day.  Had to stop and pick a tick off my neck, not sure where that came from. So I've got to pack, finish up some paperwork and I should bake, but not sure if I feel like it. Maybe once I get through my first cup of coffee, I'll feel livelier. Yesterday seemed nice earlier in the day, but as the morning wore on, it got chilly and damp feeling. Lots of work accomplished at the centre, tidying up some loose ends before I head off to the city on Thursday. Doing some research for someone but came to a bit of stall, this family has been drifting in and out of Queen's County for a long time so will see what I have for resources for there and continue next week. May find time to check a few things out at the Archives in Halifax on Friday.

Just a hint of pink as the apple blossoms begin. Ours will probably be opened up in the next week or so. We are usually ahead of those in the Valley.
Love the cobwebs on the grass/plants in the morning. Old folklore says that cobwebs will burn off to be a hot day or something like that.
This one looks more spider like.
I'm a little obsessed with the cobwebs, couldn't find any geese or ducks!
A single bloom from my bleeding heart. I think they will be pretty well finished up after the rain over the next few days, but they were beautiful while they lasted. Next year I should get some pink ones.

Keeping it short this morning, need to get moving. It's Wednesday and you've made it half way through the work week. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Happy hump day. I do believe the anticipation of this day is felt by many