Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 126 - 5th May 2012 - Geese in the morning, Ducks at night

Morning came way too early this morning - before 4am. Between an aching elbow - tennis elbow  without the racket perhaps? Larry snoring and Lexi mauling me, I just gave up and came downstairs with my book. She did go out for  a minute and then back upstairs, so once again it's quiet! Rah for me, got my wish of quiet time, just didn't really want it that early. It's relative mild according to the temperature +3.4 but feels chilly. Now I see they are giving a chance of rain for this morning, hope it quick and short lived. Will tackle a bit of housework if it does or pick up a few groceries, maybe both. From here on out, housework is only on a maintenance level - just enough to keep the dust down to a dull roar, etc, unless we hit a miserable patch of weather and I have to stay inside.

It was a good day yesterday, except I spent most of it fighting with cleaning up a laptop. I've figured out something so will tackle that next week and hopefully it won't take me long. Need to move some large format items to another medium for storage/backup. Had my bacon scallop wrap at the Bean Dock lunch time - yum! Someday I actually might eat something else but for now they are my all time favourites. Adam was in again and worked away at labelling photos. More work done. A few researchers who I've not seen in too many months, and it was nice to catch up with them. I always enjoy Elaine and Eric's visits.
I was delighted to see them in the morning when I walked over to catch my ride. Nancy caught me standing on a rock hanging from  a tree!
You know how crazy I am about reflections, thought I'd try a few in black and white.
This guy is always standing on one leg. Must have a super strong leg to hold that upper body weight. Maybe he works out.
Went out for my walk last evening, but no ducks or geese in the lake (they came back later). However, Lois and Danny informed me that one of the hen mallards had 8 babies in the lake a little earlier; can't wait to see them. Danny got pics. While Lois and I were having tea and a gab on the deck, this lady flew in for a bite at the bird feeder. Seems the females are heading closer to the house for their food. She's not the same one that was here last week.
Think she's probably on a nest, hopefully we will see another group of ducklings in a day or two. She doesn't spend much time, eats fast and gone again!
Wild strawberry blossoms. Almost seems like now there is something new blooming every day. The sweet signs of spring with summer on the horizon.
Hopefully my lack of sleep will not interrupt my day too much. Want to make the most of any fine weather that may come our way!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Love you photos. I saw some ducks at my feeder this morning too. I need to get a camera. Trying to take photos with a smartphone zoom isn't cutting it.

    1. Cameras are really inexpensive these days, and easier to use all the time. Make sure you get one with a view finder.

  2. Wow is all I gotta say :) the pictures blew me away. Great job........

  3. This is the third time today I have been back to admire your photos. The next thing we know the Audobon Society will be hiring you as a freelance photographer to capture Nature's Beauty as is pretty darn evident with the above photos you have a good eye and Sista you truly are a photographer. Proud of you.....

    1. You are so silly!LOL!! But thank you.