Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 144 - 23rd May 2012 - A Walk around the Neighbour's Flower Beds

So it's Wednesday and my day off, and I've been up for hours again. The temperature is +15. Did I forget in my longing for summer and spring that it's hot? or at least too hot at night for me to really sleep well. Fall is still my favourite time of year, cool at night, warm days; the ideal weather. Lexi seems to have the same problem as she has been roaming from room to room as well, looking for a cooler place to sleep. My brain tends to flip flop when it hasn't had enough rest. It's suppose to rain again this morning, that will keep me house bound and dedicated to some work, since the long range for the weekend is looking fine and sunny. Maybe I shouldn't think so far ahead, the days seem to go by fast enough without me rushing them.

It rained off and on all day Tuesday; not a bad thing, as the sun was not calling to me from the office window. I settled in to work, printing off chapters of Water St. to read at home, answer phone calls and emails, trying to catch up on some of the backlog. As much as it spins around in my head and I wonder.... it will get done. Cards in the evening with friends, we haven't played in ages, seems that one or the other of us are always busy lately. At least it was one win for the women, one for the men, guess we will have to play the tie breaker another night!
This lone Robin was enjoying hunting for worms or bugs in the grass.
Johnson's Blue Geranium - A perennial geranium that blooms for quite a while.
Violas. From the Pansy family but so much smaller and a little bigger than the wild violets found a few weeks ago. Pansies are my favourite flower, these come a close second.
Our apple blossoms will soon be finished, I've noticed the last few days the a few of the trees are bare. Soon little fruit will be forming.
And the Lily of the Valley has opened up. Another one of those small delicate white flowers.
I must admit that none of these are from my flower beds, but from Lois'. Her beds are not really like traditional flower beds but are tucked here and there, out and about, mixed with the wild flowers occasionally. They just have such a natural look and are full of appeal. I am envious, but enjoy roaming around through her yard. I think most of my neighbours are getting use to me these days and hopefully don't mind, never knowing when I will pop up!
Time to move on, should start reading the Water St. chapters. I think the rest of the household will be up in another half hour or so.
Enjoy your day!

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