Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 142 - 21st May 2012 - Around the Clyde Loop

Another warm day emerging, temperature is +8.9. Larry is off to work this morning, so Lexi and I will be left at the homestead to do our thing. This morning I'm going to toss a roast in the oven for supper and sort through some more summer clothes. I'm seeing the deck, chair and book in the picture for this afternoon.

Sunday was everything you would want in a beautiful day. Hot, Hot, Hot! It was +31.7 here before lunch. Larry did some planting in the garden and I puddled around the house, went for a walk and had tea with Lois on her deck in the morning. After lunch we took the cameras, some water bottles and Lexi (of course) and jumped in the truck. Decided today we would drive out to Clyde and up the back road. First stop Thomson's for ice cream, soft vanilla for Lexi in a dish, flurry for Larry and hot fudge sundae for me. Yum! The only down part of the day was the huge amount of garbage we found on one stop. Now, I considered doing my garbage rant on here, but decided I would send my fabulous photos to the Municipality of Barrington [the district it's in] and asked them to do something about it. It's a disgrace to have beautiful waterways with garbage all over the place. Really people, there is a truck that picks the damn stuff up at the end of your driveway, why drive to the ends of the earth to deposit it. Ok, I'm ranting I know! We also stopped at the graveyard to visit my grandparents, then moved on to check on the family property. From there we drove through Middle Clyde, til we came to Upper Clyde, up another road to visit Daryl and Barb. Lovely afternoon on their deck; refreshments were enjoyed and good conversation! And Lexi got to visit her boyfriend Pete. Home again. Supper, then Larry & Lexi went back to the garden.
So quiet and peaceful, the Hamilton Branch.

Lexi needed to cool off a bit and have a little drink.
Ah, poor girl, she runs and races around so much she's hot again. Back in the truck to cool off and go further up the road!
The Clyde River is so beautiful.
Under the bridge. The water is quite high now thanks to the last couple of rain storms we've had.
You can't go back again, the road to my grandparents house. Every time I visit now, it brings back loads of great memories, but never quite seems the same as when I was a child. And like today, I always had a dog at my side.

View from another place along our travels.
A lovely stone bench to sit on and enjoy some afternoon sun. Larry says be careful of  snakes!
Well it's the last day of the long weekend, can't believe it's been three beautiful days in a row. Enjoy your day!


  1. Perhaps the third time will be the not being too cooperative. Do I sense a touch of melancholy the picture of Princess Lexi on the road to your Grandparents. Often when life is a tad bit much it is nice to escape to those memories of great times spent with our grandparents....ironically enough I took a little walk down memory lane on Saturday and again on Sunday. I could almost smell my Gram's cheap "avon perfume" and taste "cheesies" lol it was like having a warm blanket surround me. Felt safe and away from life's woes just for a bit. Hope you have had a great day....I still for the life of me can't figure out why it would not let me log on at the office....but my computer was on the glitch and tried again when I got home.

    1. The joy of technology! Memories are like comfort food, sometimes you just need them!

  2. Whenever I'm home I take a drive up to Upper Ohio to drive by Nannie's home. I know it belongs to someone else now but I'll never stop thinking about it as hers. I'm not sure why I put myself through the drive bys, but I do.

    1. It lets you be a little girl again, if only for a few minutes.