Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 133 - 12th May 2012 - Beautiful Buildings in Halifax

Well I'm not really a wake yet, but I'm out of bed. You know I don't do well unless I get my standard 7 1/2-8 hours of sleep and I was way too late going to bed last night, but it was worth it. My problem is I still get up at the same time in the morning, The sun is rising this morning, no fog, mist or grayness in sight so it looks like it will be a great day. Off home via the valley, will meet up with Larry in Digby and then homeward bound I'll be. Have to stop and do a few errands on the way but that won't take very long.

Yesterday turned out nice, sun came out but then the wind picked up later and made it just a tad chilly. Good day overall. Conference is over for another year, nice to see old colleagues again from different parts of the Province. Always lots to share and talk about. Dorothy and I went down to the Henry House for supper, another good meal - highly recommend this spot if you are in the city! We went to the Chris deBurgh concert at the metro centre - 3 hours - with only one 20 minute break and it was awesome! He never stopped, had the audience up and clapping and singing, even went down in the audience! The only down side was the fool up above me somewhere who had spilled pop on the floor which drifted under my seat and my feet!

The tulips in the big blue pots on either side of the steps at the Waverley Inn are such a nice welcoming touch.

I walked up Barrington Street in the morning. One thing I love about the city is the older buildings, the architecture. Windows and doors are so appealing.
Wouldn't it be great to be a University student and live in a building like this!
One of the steeples in the background of a picture from Thursday night.
And this is the other one.
This is one of the four door hinges from the church above, love wrought iron work. It's so delicate and ornate.
This is the Lt. Governor's residence, pretty swanky! Just think what I could do with all those rooms.
I just had to lean over the wall just a tiny bit to take a photo of this bush. It was beautiful. Didn't think I'd get away with sneaking on this property!
The city has so much to offer, I like my period stays but still prefer life in the country. Enough for this morning, need to get my self in gear, another coffee then breakfast and pack up. Dorothy is sure she will have to drag me kicking and screaming from my princess room. But alas, life as a princess is almost over, time to return to normal me!
Enjoy your day.


  1. Pretty! Love that hinge. Not sure, but maybe the bush is a magnolia?

    1. I thought that was what it was too Donna. Those hinges are awesome and there are 4 of them on that church door.