Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 131 - 10th May 2012 - Foggy wet days and I'm off to the City

Foggy and gray out, not raining at the moment but it's suppose to. The temperature is way up there this morning +13. So today I am off to the City, leaving my loved ones home. Nice to have a little break. I'm attending a conference and AGM, some research at the NS Archives. This evening will be spent in my room at the Waverley Inn enjoying some wine and solving most of the worlds problems with Dorothy and Sheryl. We've been doing this every year at conference time for a number of years. And did I mention we go shoe shopping too!
Well it rained all day yesterday, so needless to say I didn't stray far from the inside of the house. Got lots of stuff done, fudge, whoppie pies, rhubarb crisp (don't really care for this recipe, should mark it), laundry, packed clothes, paper work and paid bills. Oh and can't forget with all that baking - doing dishes on more than one occasion! Larry spent most of the morning transplanting some of his seedlings. Time to move them into bigger pots. We'll be out of window sill room before you know it, once they are all in larger containers.
I guess  I'll have to fill in with a few photos I've taken before, hope you don't mind.
Betting my lawn will look like this again after the rain is done! Dandelions - they look kind of pretty and very colorful, so why do they have to be a weed?
Two of the mallards were taking refuge on a rock instead of fighting the wind on the lake.
Pink Bleeding Hearts from Irene's garden.
The water was running quite fast in this part of the river a few weekends ago.
One of my favourite topics, taken earlier in the week.
Now I need to  figure out how I'm getting all those containers of fudge, etc in my suitcase. Still have a few things to finish up, then I'm off to town to meet Bernie's Shuttle for my trip. The Shuttle is great for me, takes me right where I want to go and I can sit back and read for a few hours. Have a few chapters of Water St. printed off for my reading enjoyment this morning.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Have fun in the city, as I am sure you will. Interesting, i never knew you liked to shoe shop!!lol, I am sure you can pack the fudge and other treats in your suitcase as I am positive you can fit lots and lots of newly purchased shoes in there as well. Where there is a will there is a way!! You and Dorothy behave .....

  2. All the fudge and whoppie pies have been delivered! Just chilling for a few minutes with a cup of tea before heading out with my camera. Then will meet up with the girls! Chow all!