Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 122 - 1st May 2012 - The lake and the harbour

It's not quite as cold as it was, this morning the temperature is -0.3 but appears to be dropping a bit. Tuesday seems to be harder to getting moving then Monday did. I'll shake it off in a minute by the time the first cup of coffee hits home. Another day at the office, another day to get lots of work done; I hope. I can't believe that it's the first day of May! We have already gone through a third of the year. 2012 looks to be passing by faster than 2011 did. Am I doing enough? Sometimes I feel like I need to speed up myself to keep up with time. Maybe that's the whole problem, the world is moving too fast all the time. Perhaps we all need to slow down not speed up.
Yesterday it was fine but darn cold most of the day, that wind must have been blowing from the north. A quiet day at the centre, enabling me to get more work done, some clearing up, some queries answered, this is all good. The Federal Government has once again cut more in the Heritage department. Apparently they do not value anything of a heritage nature. Who cares Who we are or about our past! I guess that must be the Prime Minister's new motto. The whole thing just makes me sick.
Walking over to meet Nancy this morning I stopped to take a few photos of the lake. Pretty with big fluffy clouds. Truthfully I was hunting for the geese but they were gone.
Pink and Burgundy Tulips in front of a white picket fence, how great is that.
Looking over at Islands Park. The harbour water looks a lot different than the lake.
Some old rusty machinery and low tide.
And they were back tonight when I went for my walk. Hanging out on the rock again. Larry said they flew over about 1/2 hour later, so perhaps they are spending the night in the other lake. I don't think they are nesting as they are spending too much time elsewhere. Would love to see a little gaggle of geese swimming around the lake, that would be so cool.
I really should have hauled my lazy butt to the neighbours yard this morning and caught the sunrise. It's brilliant; oranges, pinks and yellows. The clouds even have a pink hue. The problem with sunrises is that they only give you a few minutes to capture that moment. Sunrises are more relaxing and dally with their colors. Time to get that second cup, and push the day forward.
Enjoy your day!


  1. When we were kids & teens time couldn't go by fast enough...now it's leaving us behind. Happy May!

  2. thank you for the photos of the flowers "Happy May Day" nice to see your fireds have not abandoned you yet. Hope your day was productive, I didn't kill anyone so I would say it has been a good day, no promises for tomorrow though :)