Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 151 - 30th May 2012 - Fushia, Kitty and Rhododendron

It's Wednesday, thank goodness and my day off, guess what that brings - rain, you got it, it rains every Wednesday! The temperature is once again +11.2, it seems to hang right around +11 every morning. Being consistent is a good thing, I think.

Well yesterday was not a great day. But I guess the only thing to do is to pick myself up and dust myself off and dig in my heels! In the great words of Winston Churchill - We will never surrender!

It felt cold enough to snow at supper time, brrr! To top off the day we had a whopper of a thunder and lightening storm. I guess is started somewhere between 11pm and midnight. I would have slept through the whole thing which is my norm, except I had a 56 lb, four legged child on top of my head shaking, shivering and panting. Poor girl, Lexi really hates the thunder and it was bad. She the first dog we've ever had that was afraid, but then she's a lot more hyper than the ones in the past. I did eventually fall back to sleep. Larry said it left and returned, guess I wasn't awake for the encore.
Lois' Fuchsia is beautiful. They are such a marvelous hanging plant.
The colors are so strong and vibrant.
Think she maybe stalking something, but poor little thing rarely catches anything. Of course that's the way we like it.
Not sure what it is and I'm too lazy to look it up (I'm uploading these Tues evening).
One of Irene's Rhododendrons. It's rather attractive against the woodland setting.
A little bit of color in the garden.
It's a new day, life feels better and it's time to get on with things. Lots to do. Have two of the brother in laws coming for supper, some light housekeeping and some Water St. work. Oh yeah sounds like a full day for sure! Ribs for supper, think I'll marinate them then use a Montreal chicken spice rub, which we love and I buy from my favourite store, the Bulk Barn. Might even find time to make some dessert!
Enjoy your day!


  1. hmmmm the one you were not sure of I believe is a Spirea not positive though :) Perhaps you could consider for all of your friends scheduling a different day off...perhaps Monday as most don't care about the weather on that day as they are cranky for having to go back to work... Just a suggestion for your consideration!! Have a great day and let me know what you are making for is a kind of apple crisp day :)

    1. I'm thinking cranberry gingerbread with a lemon sauce. I like Wednesday as it breaks up the week. So if the first part of the week is bad, you can start over with the last part of the week!