Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 136 - 15th May 2012 - Pine Needles, Quince and Odd trees

Sun is coming up, temperature is +11.6, seems it may be a warm day. Long weekend coming up, I think I better dig out some lighter weight clothes. That's always fun. There are the things that no longer fit and probably didn't last year but....... you know you hold on to them just in case as more than likely they didn't fit last year. Must be the cotton, it shrinks! Then there are those that you look at and think, dear lord did I buy that? And back in the box those items go for another year. I'm so much better at purging in the fall, than the spring. I'm sure when I finish it will require a trip to Frenchy's for some new summer clothes. Hey, for $20-$30 I can find enough to satisfy me for the season.

It turned out beautiful yesterday. Busy day at the centre. Glad Monday came to an end though. Found a few things around town that peaked my interest on my way back from lunch. Went out for a jaunt around the neighbourhood after supper. The flies are still bad - yuk!
Droplets of water hanging off  the pine needles, this morning as I walked over to catch my ride.
This was pretty neat looking this morning.
Quince bush, the colors are nice change from alot of the pink, yellows and blues of spring time. And the good thing, didn't need to crawl into any one's yard, just leaned over a fence!
There is a nice little park or green space on the corner of King St and Water St. Not sure what kind of tree this is, but it's sure interesting.
The sun was there somewhere, but the clouds were awful dark last evening.
Larry put out my butterfly bath or bird bath not sure which, but I love it. Izzie gave it to me a few years ago for my birthday.
The Solomon's Seal is almost in bloom. Seems to be taller this year than usual.
Well it's time to get Tuesday underway, another coffee and I'll be ready to get roll.  Enjoy your day!


  1. have a wonderful day!! Nice photos again....my Solomon's Seal is not even blooming yet not sure if it being in close proximity to the shore. The chives are lush and green and smelled great even as I mowed a few bunches on the weekend.

  2. I have some of that in my garden and never knew what it was called. Nowhere close to blooming, it's barely out of the ground. Amazing how much further ahead you guys are in your growing season... I just noticed leaves on the birch trees for the first time this weekend, buds haven't opened on the others yet.

    1. It's all that good country sunshine Donna!