Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 147 - 26th May 2012 - Mist, Lady Slippers and Honeysuckle Bushes

Saturday has arrived, the temperature is +14.6 and I see daylight coming. They say a chance of showers this morning with clearing but who knows. Larry is heading to work and I see lots for me to do here so my day will be put to good use even if it's not what I want to do! I don't see any time this weekend for drives and exploration with the cameras.  Some weekends you just have to buckle down and work, right? I do want to dig out my tripod though and try practicing some with it. I've not used it a lot and can certainly see some advantages. I guess that will be my adventure, I'm sure once I try it out a few times I'll get the hang of it. I suppose I have to add grocery shopping in there somewhere on the list of very fun [not] things to do today as well. Maybe I should just go back to bed!

Friday was nice, sun came out but it was a little cooler (much to my liking). We got the financial year end all finished off and set up Simply Accounting for the new year [well Trina did]. I think we are ahead of schedule this time, maybe we are just really on the ball. Since it was Friday I got my once a week treat at the Bean Dock - bacon/scallop wrap, oh how I enjoy those. Went for a walk after supper through the path in the woods, amazing how things grow and change from day to day. The light after supper is so soft and pleasant, when it hits something on the ground it's just a little glow.

A heavy mist was rising on the lake yesterday morning.
Another of my top ten favourites - the Lady Slipper. Can't believe that I walked through the path two days ago and they weren't in bloom and now they are.

The forest floor is covered like a blanket of white with Canada Mayflowers.
A Rhododendrum, I think. The bright orange is a nice addition to any yard.
This is a colorful little decoration in the garden.
Watching me and the birdies from under the trees.  He never comes too close unless he's mad at his owner, then he'll get in my lap.
From my Honeysuckle Bush. It's huge and full of flowers; a favourite of the bees and hummingbirds!
Soon time for the rest of the household to wake up so I'm off to put the kettle on and make another cup of coffee. Perhaps I'll see the baby ducks today and some other interesting birds. Never know!
Enjoy your day, don't work too hard!


  1. Oh the ladysliper, one of my favs as well. Off to the city but had to read your calms me and I am in a homicidal mood today. Probably not a good idea driving to the city but perhaps the long drive will give me an opportunity to reflect on things as it often does. Have an awesome day :)

  2. Love the Lady Slipper. I'm at my parents and it seemed like it was going to rain here most of the day but cleared off for a couple of hours this evening and was nice.

    1. I know, Donna it was certainly a foggy day. Hope your Mom is on the mend!