Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 143 - 22nd May 2012 - Wildflowers, Birds and another beautiful day

I see daylight but don't see any sun rising this morning but it may be a tad early, the temperature is still up, at +14.1. It's suppose to rain today and tomorrow. Ever since I switched my day off to Wednesday this year it's rained. Ummmmm, of course Tuesday would be no better this week. Oh well it will change eventually, it does force me inside to do work, leaving the lovely weekends for some fun stuff. Back to work today, what will I find............don't tell me I don't want to know. Since I'm constantly running behind, being out extra days won't really help any but, guess I better just suck it up and soldier on.

Monday was another beautiful day. Temperatures stayed up in the high 20s almost 30 all day. Lexi and I did our thing around the house, she napping me doing minor work, out for walks, a laze on the deck in the afternoon.  I popped a roast in the oven at 6:30am so it would be all cooked and I wouldn't have to heat up the house come afternoon. I like to have leftovers for at least one or two days/week when working.

When I walked up the road this morning, I noticed that all the lupins on the left side are much further ahead than those growing on the right side.

Canada Mayflower is now in bloom all through the woods everywhere. The berries turn from dull red in the summer to bright red in the fall.
Bunchberry is also in bloom, usually found in the same area as the Canada Mayflower. The fruit are bright red.
Three visitors in the lake yesterday morning when we went for our walk.
I think it's a Starling, but  I'm not quite sure. They usually have more color but maybe switching from winter to summer plummage or he could be an immature bird. Can't quite say I really like them as they will steal eggs from other birds nests, etc.
And the lake was picture perfect as always!
I'm catching an earlier ride this morning, so need to get moving a little faster. It will give me some quiet time at the office to sort out and decide what the priorities - what needs to be done right away and what can be pushed to the back burner for a day or so, as I catch up.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Our lupins are just leaves right now, the flower stalks haven't shown up yet.

    1. You city dwellers are so slow!LOL!