Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 127 - 6th May 2012 - Sunrises, Beaches and Full Moons

I slept in this morning, after 3:30am yesterday it was needed. It felt good. It's warm with a temperature of +8.4, however, I don't see any great amount of sun. Maybe it will come. I hope it leaves the blackflies somewhere else, or we get a bit of a breeze today. Since I've got a lot of photos, I'm not going to dribble away with words today.
After getting up way too early yesterday morning, there was no excuse not to catch the sunrise. So at 5:30 I put on a hoodie and Larry's jacket over my pj's, slipped into my muckers and headed out the door as quietly as I could. First stop was the boat ramp, then over in front of a neighbours house. Guess I wasn't so quiet as about 20 mins later Larry and Lexi showed up. Oops! It's also very difficult to keep 2 adults and 1 dog quiet, but I guess we managed, no one screamed, shot at us or called the RCMP.
First photo I took, a bit of color, lots of mist/fog. Didn't really expect anything spectacular.
The colors kept get more brilliant as the minutes ticked by, still a line of mist on the water, but it's hard to tell sky from lake reflection.
The colors began to chance to yellows, softer and more mellow for a few minutes and you can just see the sun peaking up behind the tree line. As I'm sitting/standing/crouching taking photos I can hear life in the neighbourhood beginning for the day. The rooster is crowing up the road, ducks in the lake further down, sheep baaing. But just for a few minutes I was there in silence.
Larry says this one reminds him of a fire.
This was one of my favourites. My fingers were starting to get kind of cold and I was losing the feeling in them, so it was time to head back to the house.
We went to Stoney Island for dog food and Barrington for groceries this morning. Since we had never visited the Stoney Island beach which was right in the lady's back yard more or less we headed there. What a beautiful spot! I know it's kind of a dramatic change from the sunrise photos but I like the subtle shades of blue and the way that strange piece of cloud hangs from the sky.
Boats were out.
And of course you have to have waves at the beach!
I like the interesting seaweed and kelp that come up on the beach with the tide.
And back home again to my favourite subjects [and I still have not seen the baby ducks - missed them again!].
Standing very straight with a bit of attitude perhaps.
They've got a bit of a funky disco move going on here. Well it was a full busy day, even managed some housework and laundry (not a lot). And by 4pm I crashed on the sofa for an hour.
So back out I went in my pj's and hoodie to the neighbour's yard. I thought there was too much cloud cover so didn't go out as early as I should have. Still got a few. Would have been better with my tripod, but...... by the time I went it was getting too dark and I was sitting on a rock on the side of the bank.
Still a few clouds hanging beneath the moon.
And the Super Moon! So I had enough for one day, came home and soon headed to bed!
Today I definitely have to do a little more around the house, as you can see, yesterday I spent the bulk of the day chasing after photos. But it was fun, so maybe that's all that really counts. We all need a little fun in our lives.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Having fun is definitely under rated :)

  2. I agree with your hubby, it's got that eerie glow of a forest fire. Beautiful shots, as always. It looks like the geese are there to stay.