Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 134 - 13th May 2012 - The Long Way Home

Looks like another nice day heading our way, temperature is +3.9. It's Mother's Day today, so later we will run in and deliver gifts to our Moms. Plants of some sort are usually the norm for this special day. After being a way for a few days I appear to have lots to do around here, but will try to get out with the camera later and see if the geese are still around and if there are any baby ducks.

Had another great day yesterday. Dorothy and I left Halifax around 8:30am and headed down through the Valley to Digby. Made a slight detour in New Minas to pick up a few things.  Love the sight of the farmers fields this time of year, lots of green and newly plowed areas, crops are growing. Apple blossoms are starting. Got to Digby shortly after noon and met up with Larry and Roger for lunch. It was bigger than lunch and filled me for the rest of the day! Said our good byes and headed home. Well you know I can't get from Point A to Point B without stopping for a few photos. So I suggested we detour at Gilbert's Cove up the Lighthouse Rd. Beautiful spot out on a point with a small lighthouse. I think these days it's used as a tourist attraction. Another truck followed us in but I didn't pay any attention, we got out went about taking photos. A dog, then a woman got out of the other truck and still I paid no attention, until I walked towards them and it was my cousin Tam [better known as baby sista]. They were out for a Saturday drive and some quality time together - hard to catch that sometimes when two people work different hours and what better way then exploring our own province.
A few waves to get started with. I kind of like the way there are rows of lines.
I'm a sucker for shades of blue!
The wind turbines on Digby Neck. It was blowing hard and they were really moving. Part of the seawall collapsed Thurs during the high winds/rains so people are no longer travelling  the main coastal road but up near the turbines on a one lane gravel road being led by a "Follow Me" vehicle. I'm sure they are all hoping it gets repaired quickly! Life in a coastal community. The last time the seawall went was during the big Ground Hog Day Storm in 1976 or 1978 (I've forgotten what year).
I think this anchor was donated by a member of the Sweeney Family, some of them lived in this area at one time.
A bit of beach showing as the tide comes in.
The lighthouse on the point. It was time to jump back in the truck and head for home. One more little quick stop in Weymouth and then onward. I snoozed a while on the way home the night before had caught up with me. Hoping Tam and Chris had a great day on their travels. There are so many great places and quiet little corners of this province we are crazy not to take advantage and play tourist every once in a while.
Time to move, grab another coffee and start doing a few things. Happy Mother's Day, Enjoy your day!


  1. We did have a great day and you are right.... there is so much to see right here in our own backyard. We are very spoiled! Happy Mother's Day #1 sista! You do afterall have Lexi and I am sure that is what she would say! :)

    1. Ah she did, such a good 4 legged child! Glad you had a great day!

  2. Happy Mothers Day Big Sista!!!!I have to agree with the other comment, we sure do have a lot to see in our own backyard....we live in God's Country for sure!!! Glad you ran into Lil Sista, and you are so right sometimes conflicting schedules make it impossible to connect. Got home last night from Jacki's and have accomplished a lot today (yard work). The shower was phenomenal, Elly Mae did a fantastic job, she missed her calling, my face still hurts from laughing. A good time was had by all and I had the opportunity to meet Jacki's friends which was great. Denna went with me so all in all it was a great time had by all(Jacki, Erika & Denna what more could I ask for) :) No pictures of the geese/ducks but the pictures are beautiful and I so enjoy looking at lighthouses as they truly are a special part of our history. Enjoy your day....I am about ready to send this turbo stick to the Hon Mr. Dexter as this is the first time it has worked since I got home!!