Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 121 - 30th April 2017 - Yellow Rumped Warbler, Common Eiders and Greater Yellow Legs

Beautiful morning out there, although it's a little cool and windy. The weekend has gone too quickly and it's time for us to head home today but not before I take a jaunt around the hood. As always I'm the only one up and we aren't in any big rush. Saturday started off really foggy but by dinner time it had cleared and the sun was shining. I roamed around in the fog, down the path and over to Over Cove and the pond. Palm Warblers, Song Sparrows, Swamp Sparrows, Green Wing Teals, Red Winged Blackbirds, Swallows, Ducks and lots of Gulls. After breakfast Larry and I walked to Beautiful Cove and the back down to Over Cove. Northern Harrier, Pheasants, Yellow Rumped Warblers, Greater Yellow Legs and Savannah Sparrows. We caught the 1pm Ferry over to Brier Island, checked out Pond Cove where there were loads of Common Eiders and a few Scoters. From there we went to Western Light  where there is a huge Gull Colony - mostly Herring and Black Back but we did see more Eiders, 3 Harlequin Ducks a Wilson Snipe and some shore birds in flight. It was a great day and the most birding I've done in ages. They were having a fundraising supper for the school graduates at 5pm so after that, Larry and Roger did their fix it chores while Dorothy and I spent some time at the Lent House (Museum & Archives).
Yellow-Rumped Warbler
Palm Warbler

Greater Yellow Legs

Some of the Common Eiders at Pond Cove.

A couple of the Herring Gulls at Western Light.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day 120 - 29th April 2017 - Chickadee, Hairy Woodpecker and Daffodil

It's thick fog out there this morning, not going to get out too early today. The only things I hear are the fog horn and a duck or two quacking. We made it to Freeport (Digby County) last night. Most of the journey was either light rain,drizzle or thick fog. By the time we got to the ferry you couldn't see land from one side to the other. Still a good trip through the back road - quiet at Bear Brook not even any Swallows there yet. Am hoping to get out to do some birding - maybe even take a run over to Brier Island, although I have lots of good spots around here I always like to check out too. No idea what else we'll get up to - visiting, relaxing - it all sounds good!


Nice to see this Hairy Woodpecker is offering to help Larry in the woodpile
Rain drops on a Daffodil.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Day 119 - 28th April 2017 - Purple Finches and Mourning Dove

It's a quiet and foggy morning. I've slept a little more so it should be a better day and it's Friday - last day of the work week for many. Lots to do this morning, then it's off to Friday lunch in town with Margie. Finished off the Whirligigs yesterday so they will be packed up and dropped off. Yeah, something crossed off the list! Think I'll do a batch of brown bread rolls for a pie auction fundraiser tomorrow night that I'm going to miss. I don't bake pies, but I think rolls are a good substitute. It was either rain or drizzle yesterday but a chance to get some things done around here. I did get out for a quick walk and exercise class last night - should produce muscles I'm sure! Purple Finches are increasing in numbers as are the squirrels.
 Female and Male Purple Finches
 Waiting their turn
Mourning Dove guarding the feeder.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day 118 - 27th April 2017 - White Throated Sparrow, Hairy Woodpecker and Daffodil

Too early morning number........... I've lost count. Oh some days it really sucks waking up at 4am, well I should say getting up. My mind feels like it's racing with things I need to do, should do, but then I'm too tired to get them done. Anyway, it is what it is - going to finish off those Whirligigs today, catch up on a few things around the house, pack to go away for the weekend and touch base with the house sitter. Suppose to be another wet day although yesterday it did clear off. We seem to have a Hawk tending the South side of the yard, several times in the last few days we've found a number of feathers. Doesn't seem to be our regular Sharp Shinned Hawk as he usually tries to poach from around the feeders, guess I'm going to have to watch closely.
 We've had this White Throated Sparrow around the yard for a week or so, but he's very shy.
 Hairy Woodpecker high in a tree searching for breakfast.

More Daffodils are opening

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 117 - 26th April 2017 - Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, Hyacinth and Goldfinches

Looks like a wet day so probably no chance to roam the hood. Got my first tick of the season yesterday - yup it's that time of the year. As children we learned to check ourselves over every night - these days of course some carry the dreaded lyme disease and one has to be twice as careful. Tuesday was one of those days that was warmer outside than in the house. I got a little housework done, some painting and finally gave into a nap on the sofa.  Caught up with the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, of course he was in the wooded area next to our yard, spied a Hermit Thrush but not much else. Still lots of Purple Finches, Gold finches and Evening Grosbeaks hanging out in the feeders. I was surprise to see a Tree Swallow back checking out the birdhouse. Not sure if they will decide to settle in or not.

Not a great shot - Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
 Hyacinths are almost open
 The Christmas Tree is still offering food and shelter. I often see the bottom limbs switching and a Song Sparrow or Junco will pop out.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day 116 - 25th April 2017 - Tree Buds, Mallards and a Daffodil

Even by my standards I'm up way too early this morning, it's either going to be  a very long day or I'll sneak in a nap this afternoon. Got the Whirligigs started yesterday morning, a quick jaunt around the hood - very quiet and a funeral in the afternoon. Our communities have lost too many good people this winter.  I did see one of the local Eagles, but while I was looking for something low in the bushes, he  was no doubt observing me from above. The air was chilly in the morning but the sun warmed things up in the afternoon - it has more strength these days. The water in the ditches is disappearing - signalling that we could use a little rain fall, rumour has it we are in for another dry summer. I hope not, but as always we take what Mother Nature gives us.
 Trees are budding out.
 Mostly male Mallards in the lake these days, the females are nesting.
And the Daffodils offer up a spot of brightness in the yard.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 115 -24th April 2017 - Forsythia, Chipmunk and Purple Finch

Monday again, weekend is over. It's quiet this morning but the sky is filled with stars and maybe a touch of frost on the ground. Sunset was beautiful last night - promises of a fine day. I did see a Hermit Thrush yesterday morning on my walk, but of course wasn't moving fast enough for a photo. Same spot as a pair the last few years so I suspect they will take up housekeeping there again this year. Lois had a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, so I'll be out looking for him this morning. A busy day ahead - time to get started on the last of the Whirligigs, so I can hand them off this week and say job completed. Then it's on to start a little spring cleaning before I head back to work and some sewing. Upcoming weeks will be full.
 Forsythia dripping from the rain Sunday night.
 Chipmunk with chubby cheeks filled with sunflower seeds. For some reason I like the Chipmunks but not the Squirrels.
Purple Finch - high in a tree, waiting for his turn at the feeder.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 114 - 23rd April 2017- Purple Finches and Daffodil

I spent Saturday morning in the kitchen, Larry was in the woodpile. The sky yesterday turned brilliant red as daylight came- a sign of bad weather on it's way. Well we got rain in the afternoon, although I hear some places had hail, etc. This morning is going to be another hour or so in the kitchen, might get out for a roam in the hood if it clears. Still trying to track down a Hermit Thrush even though I heard one last week, no sightings yet. An Owl is hooting across the lake, loons sang last evening. Nice to have the Loons back, although we never seem to see any young ones only the adults.
 Male Purple Finch
 Female Purple Finches - none of them were getting along the other day.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day 113 - 22nd April 2017 - Purple Finches, Cowbirds and Daffodils

Doesn't look like much sunshine for today. Pretty quiet and bleak except for a Loon calling on the lake- such a haunting song. I've slept in this morning, probably to make up for yesterday being too early. So with rain in the forecast , guess it's going to be an inside day - just as well have some cooking to do - potato salad, brown bread rolls, maybe some cookies. That should entertain me for a while and if not there sure seems to be some housework to get done. Got groceries yesterday, good afternoon in town with Margie and a lazy evening at home. Larry started sawing up the winter wood for the next season. Wood heat is wonderful but you have to handle it so much!

A lovely picture of Goldfinch and Purple Finches but a second later they were all in a spat!
 Male  & Female Cowbirds.
 And the Daffodils are blooming.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Day 112 - 21st April 2017 - Canada Geese, Red Breasted Nuthatch and Hairy Woodpecker

April is slipping away quickly, just a little over a month and I'm back to work for the season. Not sure I got any of the "projects" I thought I'd have so much time to do this winter actually completed. I ended up with a lot of other things on the go and a number of distractions, now that the weather is improving ( hopefully) I can get out to do some birding and overhaul some flower beds. Guess since Larry hasn't heard yet about surgery we might even think about planting a few vegetables. Stars are out this morning add since it's Friday - I'm up at 4am - ugh!  Think I'll roam the hood this morning for a bit, then off to town with Margie for lunch and a few errands.
 One of the Canada Geese were very vocal
 Red Breasted Nuthatch
Evening Grosbeaks and Male Hairy Woodpecker

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day 111 - 20th April 2017 - Junco, Purple Finch and Daffodils

After almost 2 weeks of fine, sunshine weather it's snowing out! How can that be? I know it won't last or be much but still, I'm ready to move on from winter.  Had a good morning in Town. Dropped off some of the Whirligigs ( only 6 left to finish), great hair cut -  am sure I'm 20 lbs lighter, a couple of errands. Home in time to pop a pork loin in the oven and have a nice supper with Larry. So today it's back to computer work, Whirligigs, make my hair a pretty color and maybe some housework. Sounds exciting but it works for me. Between snow and rain I might even get out for a roam in the hood.
 Hairy Woodpecker - he really likes that feeder.
 Purple Finch
And my Daffodils are beginning to bloom

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 110 - 19th April 2017 - Chipping Sparrow and Canada Goose

The morning is certainly cooler, temperatures have dipped down. Finished off another 6 Whirligigs, 6 more to go and my allotment is done for this year. It was cold on my morning roam and windy yesterday morning, sun did warm up things later in the afternoon. Heard a Hermit Thrush near the yard but no sign of him yet. They are my favourite songster and I look forward to their return for the summer.  Several more Cowbirds appeared with the Grackles. Am off to town this morning, have some errands to run, hair cut (rah!) and then back home - probably around lunch time or so. Looks like the rest of the week is going to be wet, so I'll try to get all my inside stuff done if that forecasts holds true.
 Chipping Sparrows arrived today, he won't stay long before moving on.
 Foam along the shore line.

One lone Canada Goose having breakfast.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 109 - 18th April 2017 - Red Breasted Nuthatch, Goldfinch and Daffodils

Monday turned out warm and sunny once again. Not going to mention what the crazy weather sites are saying about the end of the week.  Hoping it's going to be rain and not the unmentionable stuff. So much activity in the yard these days, the male birds are strutting their stuff trying to impress the females. A Cowbird was through again in the morning, Palm Warbler in the afternoon. It's seriously hard to get any work done when I'm watching for something new and exciting, but I did make some progress on the Whirligigs. Larry was still home sick but started coming around again after lunch. By last evening he seemed on the mend so if all goes well he's back to work today. Me - I'm back to the Whirligigs and roaming the hood, oh yeah some housework tossed in there too.
Red Breasted Nuthatch
 The Canada Geese were very vocal
My miniature Daffodils are in bloom, the full size ones are almost open.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 108 - 17th April 2017 - Indigo Bunting, Northern Flicker and Red Wing Blackbird

The long weekend is over, back to normal. It was nice to have Larry home for an extra day, even though yesterday he had the stomach flu and stayed in bed all day. Poor dear, hoping he's back to par today. I made a Carrot Cake and went to supper at friends - Duck Stew - been a long time since I had that and it was really good. It turned into a lovely afternoon - warm and sunny once again. They say temperatures won't be quite so high this week. Have to get back to painting Whirligigs this week - fingers crossed I get them finished off. The yard and feeders are getting busier - new birds arriving daily. 2 Male Northern Flickers were showing off for a Female yesterday, seems she didn't have much patience with either one.
 Indigo Bunting arrived - 2nd year male - made for an exciting afternoon. Our neighbour says he's been there for a couple of days.
 Cobwebs through the woods.
 Male Red Wing Blackbird.
Female Northern Flicker (no mustache).

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day 107 - 16th April 2017 -Ruffed Grouse, Turtles and Palm Warbler

A little wet out there this morning, might be an inside day. It's sure been nice to get out the last few days in the sun. Saturday morning he and Kenny picked up a new hot water heater and installed that, we should be good again for a few years - they don't last like the used to! Then it was off to town to the zoo (Sobeys) to pick up groceries, back home - I roamed the hood some more did a few things. Larry puttered outside. After supper we took a drive to Upper Clyde and visit friends, did see the first Hermit Thrust of the season but he didn't sing to me which was a little disappointing.
 Ruffed Grouse (or Partridge as we always called them) at Upper Clyde.
 The 7 Turtles were sunbathing - one is hidden to the left.
I'm still stalking Wood Ducks, sooner or later I'll get a really good shot. 2 males and 1 female
 One of the two Palm Warblers I found.
It was a perfect morning for reflections on the lake.

Enjoy your day!