Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 114 - 23rd April 2017- Purple Finches and Daffodil

I spent Saturday morning in the kitchen, Larry was in the woodpile. The sky yesterday turned brilliant red as daylight came- a sign of bad weather on it's way. Well we got rain in the afternoon, although I hear some places had hail, etc. This morning is going to be another hour or so in the kitchen, might get out for a roam in the hood if it clears. Still trying to track down a Hermit Thrush even though I heard one last week, no sightings yet. An Owl is hooting across the lake, loons sang last evening. Nice to have the Loons back, although we never seem to see any young ones only the adults.
 Male Purple Finch
 Female Purple Finches - none of them were getting along the other day.

Enjoy your day!

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