Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Day 96 -5th April 2017 - Hairy Woodpecker, Song Sparrow and Pine Siskin

It's a nasty looking morning out there - well what I can by the light from the back porch. Looks like we've had our ice pellets and snow and it's starting to rain. Rain for the next few days, long range looks like warmer temperatures for next week - something good to look forward to. Maybe by then I'll be back on track, cold will have gone and I will have the bulk of these Whirligigs painted if I work really hard. Sunshine means getting outside more - some yard work, maybe the Spring birds will begin returning.  Went to Trivia last night -no wins for us but overall we didn't do too bad.

Female Hairy Woodpecker

 Song Sparrow
Goldfinch and Pine Siskin

Enjoy your day!

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