Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Day 95 - 4th April 2017 - Crocuses, Ice and Robin

I fell to sleep to the sound of an Owl hooting and woke up to the same this morning. Ah life in the Country! Stars are all out and I'm feeling pretty good about Spring this morning until I flipped to the weather sites - freezing rain/ice pellets/snow/rain for tonight and early tomorrow - ugh! I started on the Whirligig painting Monday, it was a good quiet project since this cold has now moved to my chest and any amount of exertion sets off a coughing spell. So I'll continue with that today. The plan is to get them all  done by the end of next week.  Fingers crossed, I've discovered I don't paint as fast as I did 20 years ago, when I did it for a living.
 Another bunch of Crocuses have bloomed.

In the woods there are still a few water holes with shards of ice.
But in the yard the Robins are hunting for breakfast.

Enjoy your day!

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