Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 94 - 3rd April 2017 - Grackle, Red Breasted Nuthatch and Blue Jay

Stars are all out this morning, Owls are hooting, hopefully we are in for a good day. Yesterday's snow has mostly melted once again. Sunday morning I heard the Geese and a Loon in the lake. The temperatures this week look milder - rain in the forecast for a few days but in my books that's better than snow. This head cold had me mostly down and out again on Sunday, truly getting tired of a few good days and then slam I'm off my feet again. Now it's the nose and slight cough - ugh! Oh well good or bad today I'm going to start painting Whirligigs - will set up a production line so I can get those off my list of things to do.
Maybe Spring is here - one of our Grackle returned just before suppertime.

 Red Breasted Nuthatch
One of the many Blue Jays that raid the feeders

Enjoy your day!

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