Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 104 - 13th April 2017 - Cobwebs, Crocuses and a Butterfly

After a foggy morning the sun arrived Wednesday around noon. Maybe not quite as warm as Tuesday but still pretty warm. Twice yesterday I spooked a pair of Wood Ducks in Lois and Danny's cove and didn't get photos. They are so skittish! A little work around the house and roamed the hood. Quiet this morning except for an Owl up the lake. Off for lunch with Margie an errands in town since our regular day Friday is a holiday.
Cobwebs - another sign of spring mornings.

Lichen, but no idea what kind - although it looks cool with all it's little feelers.

Crocuses are in full bloom and loving the sun.

And Butterflies are appearing!

Enjoy your day!

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