Saturday, April 15, 2017

Day 106 - 15th April 2017 - Tree Swallow, Flickers and Red Wing Blackbird

Larry and I had a good day on Friday travelling the shore roads down to Blanche then around to Cape Sable Island. We didn't see any birds that were exciting and new but a few old favourites that have returned for the summer. Great Blue Heron, Tree Swallows, 1 Barn Swallow and  Flickers. But it was nice to get out together and in a few weeks I'm sure there will be more. Maybe after supper we'll take a trip to Upper Clyde to visit friends and see if anything has popped up there yet. First order of business this morning will be purchase and install a new hot water heater - it's always something!
 Tree Swallow at Northwest Harbour
These two Male Flickers (note the mustaches) were having a stand off, they were really entertaining to watch.
 The Light at the Cape looks fabulous now that it's all painted.
 Where I found 3 Turtles last week, 7 were sunbathing yesterday afternoon.
Around suppertime a Male Red Wing Blackbird had joined the yard birds.

Enjoy your day!

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