Friday, April 14, 2017

Day 105 -14th April 2017 - Wood Ducks, Cowbird and Hairy Woodpecker

I've slept in this morning - the extra 2 hours felt good, it's been a rough week. Looks like another nice day on the horizon.  Had a good lunch and afternoon with Margie on Thursday. Once I let Larry have a little sleep  in, we'll get some breakfast and hit the road birding for the day. Ideally we should be getting ready now - "you know the early bird gets the worm" but... if he's going to do a lot of driving best to rest that hip up.  Even though it's a holiday I'm hoping West Head take out will be open, I really have a hankering for clams and chips. So we'll roam and explore hopefully see a Piping Plover or two and some other interesting spring migrants.
I finally got a shot - not a great one of those skittish Wood Ducks. There are two pairs of them. 
 Female Brown Headed Cowbird joined the yard yesterday morning.
Male Hairy Woodpecker -seems to like this feeder as well as the suet.

Enjoy your day!

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