Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day 118 - 27th April 2017 - White Throated Sparrow, Hairy Woodpecker and Daffodil

Too early morning number........... I've lost count. Oh some days it really sucks waking up at 4am, well I should say getting up. My mind feels like it's racing with things I need to do, should do, but then I'm too tired to get them done. Anyway, it is what it is - going to finish off those Whirligigs today, catch up on a few things around the house, pack to go away for the weekend and touch base with the house sitter. Suppose to be another wet day although yesterday it did clear off. We seem to have a Hawk tending the South side of the yard, several times in the last few days we've found a number of feathers. Doesn't seem to be our regular Sharp Shinned Hawk as he usually tries to poach from around the feeders, guess I'm going to have to watch closely.
 We've had this White Throated Sparrow around the yard for a week or so, but he's very shy.
 Hairy Woodpecker high in a tree searching for breakfast.

More Daffodils are opening

Enjoy your day!

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