Friday, April 28, 2017

Day 119 - 28th April 2017 - Purple Finches and Mourning Dove

It's a quiet and foggy morning. I've slept a little more so it should be a better day and it's Friday - last day of the work week for many. Lots to do this morning, then it's off to Friday lunch in town with Margie. Finished off the Whirligigs yesterday so they will be packed up and dropped off. Yeah, something crossed off the list! Think I'll do a batch of brown bread rolls for a pie auction fundraiser tomorrow night that I'm going to miss. I don't bake pies, but I think rolls are a good substitute. It was either rain or drizzle yesterday but a chance to get some things done around here. I did get out for a quick walk and exercise class last night - should produce muscles I'm sure! Purple Finches are increasing in numbers as are the squirrels.
 Female and Male Purple Finches
 Waiting their turn
Mourning Dove guarding the feeder.

Enjoy your day!

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