Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 108 - 17th April 2017 - Indigo Bunting, Northern Flicker and Red Wing Blackbird

The long weekend is over, back to normal. It was nice to have Larry home for an extra day, even though yesterday he had the stomach flu and stayed in bed all day. Poor dear, hoping he's back to par today. I made a Carrot Cake and went to supper at friends - Duck Stew - been a long time since I had that and it was really good. It turned into a lovely afternoon - warm and sunny once again. They say temperatures won't be quite so high this week. Have to get back to painting Whirligigs this week - fingers crossed I get them finished off. The yard and feeders are getting busier - new birds arriving daily. 2 Male Northern Flickers were showing off for a Female yesterday, seems she didn't have much patience with either one.
 Indigo Bunting arrived - 2nd year male - made for an exciting afternoon. Our neighbour says he's been there for a couple of days.
 Cobwebs through the woods.
 Male Red Wing Blackbird.
Female Northern Flicker (no mustache).

Enjoy your day!

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