Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 97 - 6th April 2017 - Chickadee, Fox Sparrow and Song Sparrow

Rained all day on Tuesday, so Lexi and I stayed in and worked. Well I worked, she took it easy which is what she does mostly these days. Making headway on the Whirligigs and a little housework rounded out the wet day. More rain for the next few days, but I'm looking forward to the higher temperatures and sunshine they are promising for next week. Spring is on the horizon. The feeders were extremely busy -birds seem to be pairing up thinking of the upcoming nesting season. The Grackle has brought a few more friends, although she's the only one yet in the feeders, the others are hanging out in the trees. A few more Pine Siskins are mixed in with the Goldfinches, still only 3 Purple Finches. A Fox Sparrow joined the 6 Song Sparrows yesterday. Truthfully it's hard to get a lot done gazing out the kitchen window.
 You don't get much cuter than the Chickadees.

Fox Sparrow - he stayed under the Honeysuckle Bush so it was difficult to catch him.

The Song Sparrows aren't shy anymore.

Enjoy your day!

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