Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 243- 31st August 2014 - Plovers, Least Sandpipers, Sanderlings and a Buff Breasted Sandpiper

Stars are all out, I've slept in a bit so it feels like a good day already. So we are off birding again this morning, think we'll go in the western direction today when we hit the highway. Been a while since we went to Sand Hill's beach and maybe out to Cape Sable Island. From there, who knows.
We had a great Saturday morning. Headed to Hemeon's Head around 7:15 am - with protests from Larry about getting out of bed so early on a Saturday morning.  It was darn chilly yesterday too, especially that early but it did warm up. Walked the beach - lots of shorebirds and a new lifer for me. I missed the White Egret that's been hanging out there, he didn't show for us. Home, lunch and then I got ready to go to a Celebration of Life for a dear friend, Kim who passed earlier this month. Three of us went together and I was glad  - it was a wonderful way to say goodbye to such a beautiful person. We sampled her favourite food - clams, chocolate cake and toasted her with Champagne. People from various stages of her life told stories and we laughed and cried. I think she would have liked the gathering.

 It was a beautiful day at the shore.
 Blue-wing Teals.
 Semi-palmated Plover.

 Ruddy Turnstones and a Least Sandpiper.
 Ruddy Turnstone doing a little preening.

 Least Sandpiper. I loved the way they all reflected in the water.
 Ruddy Turnstone finding some breakfast.

 Sanderling, or at least  I think it is.

 Least Sandpiper
 Semi-palmated Plover.

 There was lots of kelp and seaweed along the waterline.

 Playing in the water.

 And my new lifer...
 Buff-Breasted Sandpiper.

Black-bellied Plovers.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 242 - 30th August 2014 - Bubbles, Ducks and a Hummingbird

Saturday, only +7.4 this morning. I have no idea what direction we are heading in today. The tide and my time are not in sync today. I need to be back home late this afternoon and ready by 4 pm as I have another obligation to attend. It may be one of those days that we pick our destination when we get to the highway intersection. I'm sure we'll have a good day no matter which way we go but I'd also like to check out the hood this morning.
Nice day with a cool breeze. Too windy for many birds on my walk yesterday morning - I could hear them down in the swamps. Quiet and peaceful with a fair amount accomplished just as I wanted. Did the dreaded grocery shopping before leaving town to go home. One thing out of the way for the weekend. A lazy evening after supper.  The air has certainly turned cooler in the evenings.  I sat on the deck and watch a few birds in the trees, every time I ran for my camera they disappeared. They were all the regular ones -Downy Woodpecker, Red eyed Vireo and Northern Parula. Sometimes it's nice to just watch.
 Just a glimmer of light coming over the tree line.
 Bubbles floating in the rippling water of the lake.
The Ducks seemed to be very happy - preening after their breakfast.
The last few Hummingbirds like to sit in the Honeysuckle Bush.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 241 - 29th August 2014 - Common Yellow-Throated Warbler, Palm Warbler and Apples

Glad it's Friday and the beginning of a long weekend. Larry has today off and I have Monday which is kind of ok. He can work on wood while I'm to work and then Saturday and Sunday we can roam for birds. I see a trip to Hemeon's Head in my future and maybe Cape Sable Island.  Hoping for a quick and speedy day so the weekend can begin.
I've been having a technology challenged last few days. Thing are acting wonky. I really dislike it when that happens, anyway best to walk away before something gets tossed out the window. Eventually I got both issues solved and working again. Our treasurer arrived in the afternoon to get her job caught up, I do all the day to day stuff and she keeps me on the straight and narrow. Boy do I hate it when she finds I've posted a few cents to the wrong account. It happens sometimes. Overall the day was not bad.
Common Yellow-throated Warbler.
Palm Warbler

 Another Toad.
 More apples from a neighbour's yard.
White-breasted Nuthatch.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 240 - 28th August 2014 - Northern Parula, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Chickadees, Palm Warbler and a Toad

Work day and the weather forecast is calling for a bit of rain. By the looks of the lake we can sure use it - man is it low. A quiet day at the office would be good and hopefully I'll finish up some research I didn't make much headway with on Tuesday.
What a great day I had on Wednesday! Beautiful, sunny, warm  and peaceful with a hood that produced lots of birds on my morning tramp. Nothing different but I got some better photos than I had before. Lexi and I roamed a bit as well. Then the standard laundry, housework - but not too much.
 I think this is the juvenile Red-Eyed Vireo I saw a few days ago.
 Northern Parula.
 Female or young Chestnut -sided Warbler.

 Palm Warbler.
 The Chickadees were playing host to to the Palm Warblers yesterday morning and boy there were a lot of them.
 Preening Woodpecker.

 Someone is always flashing me! Palm Warbler.
 And he found breakfast. It only took a second and the grub was gone.
A Flycatcher, but not sure what kind. Wish I could get a good shot of these guys!

 I haven't seen a toad all summer but yesterday I saw two.
My favourite of the Glads - red.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 239 - 27th August 2014 - Foggy Lake, Dragon and Damsel Flies and Gladiolus

Up too early this morning - going to be a long day. At least it's my day off and if I'm smart I'll snag a quick snooze after lunch before my head starts pounding. Looks like another fine day, stars are all out. I'll hit the hood and have time today to find those Warblers. At least I hope so. Other than that - it's the norm - laundry some housework, nothing exciting.
Tuesday seemed like a long day - didn't make the research headway I had hoped to. Maybe Thursday will be better.  Didn't see many birds on my morning walk but I could hear some down in the woods, behind the swamp. Not a place for me to trek in work clothes and sandals. Took another quick walk after supper but it was pretty quiet. Not sure where they were. Last summer I could be guaranteed of a few in the evening but this year they are elsewhere.
 A little too much light but lots of fog on the lake yesterday morning.
 After supper was all about Dragonflies - wings out.
And Damselflies - wings tucked to the sides.

 Snacking on an apple.
More of my Glads are opening.

Enjoy your day

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 238 - 26th August 2014 - Black & White Warbler, Spider Webs and a Damselfly

Slept in this morning - felt good for  a change. Another fine day on the horizon. Hoping to get some more things crossed off my list at work. It's been a good summer for getting things cleared up. Maybe I've just been better organized than normally.
It was a foggy morning on the lake and the birds were moving quickly as they fed, when I was out walking. No sign of the Black-throated Blue Warblers for a week now, maybe they've moved on. A quiet day in town and the office. I spent most of the day doing financial work - budgeting etc. Ugh. Oh well it needed to be done. Exercise class last night - feeling the pain!
Black & White Warbler.
 Northern Parula.
 It was a morning for webs - they seemed to be on every branch.
 Red Eyed Vireo.

Damselfly hanging out in the apple trees.

Enjoy your day!