Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 147 - 31st May 2017 - American Redstart, Mallard babies and Bleeding Heart

Say goodbye to May, another month is on it's way out. The year is certainly flying by. Foggy out  this morning which means no frost for us. The garden is beginning to come to life, beets, swiss chard popping through the ground. Lots of birds singing and flitting around in the apple trees this morning. So good to hear them - Song Sparrows and Yellow Rumped Warblers, I recognize, a few I'm not sure. Busy day at work on Tuesday, more cleaning and set up done - it's really coming together. Today will finish things off and we'll get organized for the first of our summer visits, programs etc. Pot luck after work.
 An American Redstart was singing in the trees on the street behind the museum yesterday morning.
Mom, Mallard and her babies.
Bleeding hearts are beautiful.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 146 - 30th May 2017 - Cedar Waxwing, Spiderweb and the Lake

Beautiful sunrise this morning. The bright red  sky is usually a sign of bad weather to come. Even though fine weather is in the forecast for today, we'll see what happens. Election time in Nova Scotia, so we'll be voting on the way home from work this evening. Had a good first day back on Monday - exhausted last night mind you. It was nice to see everyone again and start getting back into the swing of things. The three of us worked together last summer at the Ross Thomson House so it didn't take long for us to slip back into that familiar pattern. Made good headway, cleaning, unpacking and setting up rooms. Nice to see everything come back to life. Of course my routine starts with a good morning walk along the private road to catch my ride, checking spots for birds that may be hanging out. It's a great way to start the work day.
The Cedar Waxwings have been hanging out for a couple of days. 
 Spider webs along my walk.
One of the lake Islands cast in fog.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Day 145 - 29th May 2017 -Yellow Warbler, Red Eyed Vireo and Cardinal

Here we go back to work for the season, can't believe the winter has gone by so fast. Seems to be some fog hanging over the lake, or what I can see through the trees so maybe we are spared frost this morning. Bit chilly out there as well. Larry and I took a drive down to the Lockeport area yesterday morning. It was damp and cold, little drizzle at times. Was lucky enough to see Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, Black & White Warblers and Catbirds.  A number of Eiders were riding the surf near the beach including a few young ones.The problem with birding along the roadside - someone always seems to think it's grand to stop and see what you are looking for. Yup I'm eyeing up a good little flock of Warblers and oops they are gone as soon as the lady starts yelling out her car window "whatca looking for". Oh well! Best birding took place at the Tim Horton's drive thru -Red Eyed Vireos, Robins and a male Cardinal. Then it was home for the afternoon to finish up a few things around the house.
 Yellow Warbler.
 Red-Eyed Vireo

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 144, 28th May 2017 - Song Sparrow, Hermit Thrush and Lupins

Looks like another grey day out there. Hope it clears this morning and turns out fine. Should probably build a fire this morning, house has a damp, cold feeling to it. Well my last day of winter vacation, think we'll head toward the east end of the county and try out a little birding later this morning. Still a few thing around here to do this afternoon. We didn't win at Chase the Ace last night but we had a good time at our gathering, making for a later night then I'm used to but I slept in a little longer this morning. Nice for a change. Did some marathon cooking after grocery shopping Saturday. Managed to get lunchbox entrees for 3 weeks done up for Larry. Salmon, quiona & veggies, Meatloaf, homemade taters & veggies, Sweet & sour meatballs, rice and veggies, Chicken and veggie stirfry with pasta and a double batch of healthy muffins. That will give me a bit of breathing room til I get back in my routine again, just have to figure out suppers for us.

Song Sparrow high in  tree.

My favourite songster - the Hermit Thrush.
The Lupins along the roadside will soon be in bloom.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 143 - 27th May 2017 - Song Sparrow, Twisted Tree and the Lake

We had hard rain Friday morning but by noon it had stopped, cleared somewhat all afternoon. At one point before supper it looked like the sun might make a break through. Puttered around the house doing a few things up then Margie and I motored (reminds me of the old community sections of the local newspaper - when people motored to visit friends and relatives) to Hunts Point for Clams & Chips (we had clams only - wasting no appetite on chips). It was our last Friday hooray!Went for a walk around the hood supper time - pretty quiet and then Friday Night Club. Lots of laughter last night. Good for the soul! Groceries this morning then I'll spend the afternoon in the kitchen doing lunch box preps - getting some meals ahead for Larry for upcoming weeks of my return to work. It will help til I get back in my routine. Chase the Ace tonight - will we be winners or just have a good evening with friends - maybe some cards or a board game. Either way it will be a good time.
 Song Sparrow perched on some low branches.
 The old twisted tree is leaving out and showed lovely reflections in the lake.
So calm and peaceful.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Day 142 - 26th May 2017 - Common Yellowthroat, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker and Cedar Waxwing

No rain yesterday til late afternoon. Roamed the hood for a bit in the morning, then puttered around. Off to town before lunch, got our Chase the Ace tickets for Saturday night and a few errands done. Around 6:30 when I was eating supper I remembered it was Thursday night and exercise class - missed it! Looks like we are in for mostly a wet morning/day, probably just as well, I noticed the lake is starting to drop again. Seems like even after a good rain it doesn't hold for long. It's Friday, my last one off before going back to work so we'll have to make the best of our Thelma and Louise outing today. I'm sure I'll get a few Friday's off over the summer but it's not quite the same as the one day a week I've escaped from the woods this winter.
 A Common Yellowthroat was kind enough to let me get some decent shots.
 Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker. He was noisy, when I initially heard him I thought it was a Pileated Woodpecker.
Cedar Waxwing - there were a few in Margie's apple trees yesterday.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 141 - 25th May 2017 - Chickadee, Trillium and Hairy Woodpecker

Went out on the deck while I was waiting for the kettle to boil as I usually do, listening to the morning sounds and checking out the weather. Heard a racket coming from one of the apple trees in the back and thought what kind of a bird is that? Then I woke up enough to realize it was a Gray Catbird, sure enough he came up and perched in the Honeysuckle Bush where I could see him and sang some more. Nice to see him back, will try for some photos later this morning. Rain on the way this afternoon and I'm off to town before lunch - pick up the Chase to Ace tickets and do a little research. Nice day on Wednesday, a little overcast at times, flies are bad now. Quiet in the hood these days, it's like pulling teeth to find Warblers, maybe they've just not worked their way back to the country yet. Got a new bonnet and pockets made for work, apron just needs to be hemmed by hand.
 Chickadee got the prize in the apple blossoms.

Trillium is in bloom now.
Hairy Woodpecker hanging out in the branches.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 140 - 24th May 2017 - Lilacs, Yellow Rumped Warbler and Deck Chairs

Beautiful sunrise this morning, bright red over the lake but it looks like it will clear and be a decent day. Owls and Loons calling up the lake, Song Sparrows, Mourning Doves and Crows down the lake. Always a different sound to the beginning of the day. Nothing like a few minutes by myself with coffee first thing in the morning listening to the sound of nature.
Tuesday was a wet one, but no complaints - although it would be nice if we could have sunny days and rain from 10pm to 5am regularly. Guess that's not likely to happen. I didn't go out until it was time to head to town for my meeting in the afternoon. Good staff meeting and enjoyed supper at the Ship's Galley with the group afterwards.
 Lilacs are blooming
 Yellow Rumped Warbler
It's always nice when the neighbours put out chairs for me to sit in and enjoy the lake on my walk.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 139 - 23rd May 2017 - Northern Parula, Mallard Ducklings and Common Yellowthroat

We had a good working morning on Monday, then lunch and Dorothy packed up and headed for home. Feel that we accomplished a lot. I haven't got a whole lot left on my part to get done then can send it back to her. Will finish some of it up this morning then hopefully tomorrow the rest. Since it's raining it's a good day for inside stuff. Have to do a little lunch preps, then this afternoon in town for a meeting and supper. Did a quick jaunt around last evening after supper hoping some birds would be out feeding. Northern Parula in the yard, Mallard and her babies in the lake and a Common Yellowthroat on the private road. Seems the birds are declining each year in this area. I did find a Northern Parula nest in a patch of Old Man's Beard - high enough to be out of the way and very well disguised. Will keep my eye on it from a distance of course.
 Northern Parula
 This is the second set of ducklings I've seen in the last couple of weeks, should be more any day.
Lurking behind the branches - Common Yellowthroat.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Day 138 - 22nd May 2017 - Flowering Bush, Chickadee and Canada Mayflower

It was nice that the blog photos were slow uploading this morning. I took the opportunity to have my coffee on the deck while I waited. Mackeral back sky, Hermit Thrush and Song Sparrows singing. For me it's the best part of the day. Enjoy today because we are in for a couple of days of wet weather - no complaints, last summer's dry spell is still fresh in my mind. We had a good work day on Sunday and made some good headway. Another day or day and half, and I'll have the layout completed. It's  a transcription of a ledger started in 1867 of ship wrecks on the Islands (Brier and Long) so is of historical interest. Of course it includes maps, some information about the ledger keepers, etc. We'll go over what else needs to be done before Dorothy heads off home.
 Rhododendron of some kind I think from Lois' gardens or an Azalea. I can never remember garden plants.
 You can always find a Chickadee, even when the other birds are being evasive.
Canada Mayflower are beginning to bloom.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 137 - 21st May 2017 - Apple Blossoms, Northern Parula and Bunchberry

Beautiful morning out there. I slept in a bit so missed the early rise of the sun, but the birds are all tweeting and singing, ducks and geese are calling as they fly down the lake. Going to be another great day. Lots of work for Dorothy and I to do - hammering out the book manuscript she brought and laying it out. I think we'll find a little time to roam the hood, can't sit at the computer all day when it's fine weather. Think I'll let  everyone sleep in a little while longer then we'll get breakfast and start.
Saturday was another nice day but not near as hot as it has been. The wind blew all day cooling it a bit, but still very good. Spent the day at the auction and pulled into the driveway right behind our company. Great timing!

 Don't think the apple blossoms will last long - the wind seems to be scattering them quickly.
 Northern Parula's are popping up everywhere.
Wildflowers are covering the forest floor - Bunchberry.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day 136 - 20th May 2017 - Baltimore Oriole, Belted Kingfisher and a Tulip

The last few days have certainly been beautiful. Looks like more fine weather for a few more days, than some rain on the way for next week. Won't argue with a little rain after last summer's big dry spell. I got some things done around the house in the morning, roamed a couple of times with very little luck with birds then it was off to town. Had a good afternoon on the Thelma & Louise outing - nah we don't really get up to much. Told Margie on the way home it would be nice if a Baltimore Oriole would appear since the time is right with the apple blossoms.  Wishes do come true - after supper I had a lovely male pop in. Busy day up ahead, working an auction in town this afternoon, have to pick up groceries, company coming supper time. Will toss together a lasagna this morning so I won't have to cook when I get home and do a few quick things around the house before heading off.

 The male Baltimore Oriole - a stunning guy!
 And he loves the blossoms
 There were a pair of Belted Kingfishers flying back and forth in the cove, taunting me. They've decided our house is the fly over spot between the lakes so I can hear them laughing and cackling as the go back and forth.
Beautiful colors in this tulip.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 135 - 19th May 2017 - Ferns, Apple Blossoms and a Hummingbird

Summer has appeared, temperatures were up to +34 yesterday - a hot, hot day! I buzzed around and got some work done in the house, went for my morning roam and spent a little time in the sewing room. I did take time to enjoy the back deck and watch the birds at the feeders. Mostly Purple Finches, Goldfinches, Chickadees a few Evening Grosbeaks and Nuthatches. Of course there are Blue Jays and Mourning Doves. A Hummingbird was putting the run to a Purple Finch in the apple tree. A Northern Parula and a Yellow Warbler were hanging out among the blossons as well. Went to exercise class last night, was a good work out, been a while since I've been there.  So it's Friday which means lunch with Margie and Friday Night Club. Not many left now as I'm back to work at the end of the month.
 Ferns in the morning light.
 Apple Blossoms, the Cedar Waxwings should appear in the next day or two, these are their favourites.
The Hummingbird sits high in the tree watching over his feeder.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 134 - 18th May 2017 - Rhodora, Northern Parula and Fern

Wednesday was a beautiful day - warmest we've had yet with a little breeze at times (to keep the blackflies away). Temperature was somewhere between +28 and 30, those are summertime temps. Not sure what I accomplished but I puttered  around the house, did a little sewing, helped out a friend, roamed the hood and had a little chill time on the deck. I suppose I'll do a little of the same today, although I've got company coming on the weekend so should get the spare room ready. It's lovely through the woods these days - from the forest floor to the top of trees, things are sprouting and coming to life again. Each week there are new ferns or wildflowers - soon the Lady Slippers, Canada Mayflower and Trillium will be in bloom. No matter how many Springs and Summers I see them all, it's always like a new gift each year. There are lots of Northern Parulas, Palm and Yellow Rumped Warblers and Hermit Thrushes here now. At least one pair of Ovenbirds on my walk. I should start seeing the other Warblers very soon.
 Rhodora is in bloom - an old saying I remember my Grandfather told me : "when the Rhodora's in bloom, the fish (trout) won't bite"
 The Northern Parula loves the Old Man's Beard.
 At least this three Mallards realize they belong in the lake and not my bird feeders
Fern - just about unfurled.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day 133 - 17th May 2017 - Northern Parula, Northern Harrier and Ducklings

Tuesday turned into a nice day - warm and sunny by the afternoon, even though it had a cool start to the day. Had a quick roam in the hood, then puttered around in the kitchen doing some lunch box prep. Have a few ahead in the freezer now for upcoming busy weeks. Margie and I stopped and had Lobster Poutine (very yummy) in Clyde River then we headed down to Blanche. Going to take a little time to turn Margie into a birder but she was a good sport. The last evening of the season for Trivia - we didn't win but had a good time. Today, have to tackle some sewing, maybe some yard work and some roaming in the hood. If the wind stays down should be a good morning for birds.
 Northern Parula was a little more willing to pose.
 Northern Harrier was flying over the ponds.
Mama and her ducklings.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 132 - 16th May 2017 - Greater Yellowlegs, Lighthouse and Northern Parula

Monday was a drizzly, wet day. No hard rain, just a continuous drizzle so you eventually got wet anyway, looks like it will clear today and be fine the rest of the week. I can get excited about a few days of sunshine. We made a quick trip to Yarmouth in the afternoon for Larry's eye appointment, picked up a few things I needed (forgot a few) and then headed home. The back road was pretty quiet as far as birds went - saw a couple of Swallows and Yellow Rumped Warblers at Bear Brook on the way home but nothing else. Have some things to do around the house this morning, start getting a few extra lunch box meals in the freezer for Larry. I go back to work in couple of weeks and it's nice to have something done when I'm busy. Later today Margie and I are going visiting an old friend at Blanche. Guess I better take Big B. along for the ride, should be a few birds on that route.

Greater Yellow Legs at the Guzzle.
 Looking from the Hawk over at the Lighthouse.
Northern Parula singing up a storm.

Enjoy your day!