Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day 133 - 17th May 2017 - Northern Parula, Northern Harrier and Ducklings

Tuesday turned into a nice day - warm and sunny by the afternoon, even though it had a cool start to the day. Had a quick roam in the hood, then puttered around in the kitchen doing some lunch box prep. Have a few ahead in the freezer now for upcoming busy weeks. Margie and I stopped and had Lobster Poutine (very yummy) in Clyde River then we headed down to Blanche. Going to take a little time to turn Margie into a birder but she was a good sport. The last evening of the season for Trivia - we didn't win but had a good time. Today, have to tackle some sewing, maybe some yard work and some roaming in the hood. If the wind stays down should be a good morning for birds.
 Northern Parula was a little more willing to pose.
 Northern Harrier was flying over the ponds.
Mama and her ducklings.

Enjoy your day!

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