Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 134 - 18th May 2017 - Rhodora, Northern Parula and Fern

Wednesday was a beautiful day - warmest we've had yet with a little breeze at times (to keep the blackflies away). Temperature was somewhere between +28 and 30, those are summertime temps. Not sure what I accomplished but I puttered  around the house, did a little sewing, helped out a friend, roamed the hood and had a little chill time on the deck. I suppose I'll do a little of the same today, although I've got company coming on the weekend so should get the spare room ready. It's lovely through the woods these days - from the forest floor to the top of trees, things are sprouting and coming to life again. Each week there are new ferns or wildflowers - soon the Lady Slippers, Canada Mayflower and Trillium will be in bloom. No matter how many Springs and Summers I see them all, it's always like a new gift each year. There are lots of Northern Parulas, Palm and Yellow Rumped Warblers and Hermit Thrushes here now. At least one pair of Ovenbirds on my walk. I should start seeing the other Warblers very soon.
 Rhodora is in bloom - an old saying I remember my Grandfather told me : "when the Rhodora's in bloom, the fish (trout) won't bite"
 The Northern Parula loves the Old Man's Beard.
 At least this three Mallards realize they belong in the lake and not my bird feeders
Fern - just about unfurled.

Enjoy your day!

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