Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 122 - 1st May 2017 -Lighthouse, Canada Goose and Greater Yellow Legs.

Here we are starting another month and looks like the first few days will be wet ones. Won't argue with that, a little rain is a good thing and also will keep me inside so I can begin some spring cleaning and work on some genealogy. We had a great weekend away visiting friends. Always love the trip to the Islands. Sunday we came down along the shore, stopped in Yarmouth to pick up some groceries and got home late afternoon. Didn't see a lot of exciting things along the way but it was a nice drive and we made a few stops.
 Peter's Light off of Freeport.
 Seems we see Canada Geese no matter where we go.
 With the two toned beak I'm leaning toward Tree Sparrow.
Greater Yellow Legs at Maivelette.

Enjoy your day!

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