Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day 127 - 6th May 2017 - Tulips, Hermit Thrush and Northern Parula

It's a foggy, overcast morning out there. Mild though. Some rain overnight but lots more to come in the next few days. Grocery shopping this morning, then it's probably going to be a good putter around the house kind of day. We are going to try Chase the Ace tonight. Friday was a nice day, didn't rain til we got home from Friday Night Club. No cleaning was done but I roamed the hood for a couple hours in the morning. Several pairs of Hermit Thrushes were around, as well as Palm Warblers and Yellow Rumped. Several male Yellow Rumped were still chasing around trying to impress a female, that's been going on for several days now. Most of the time she seems to be sitting on a limb shaking her head at them. Lunch with Margie and then Friday Night Club - always good for laughter.
 Some of my Tulips are in bloom now.
 I love the deep red ones.
 Birds weren't very cooperative - Hermit Thrush.
First of the Northern Parulas for the season.

Enjoy your day!

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