Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 143 - 27th May 2017 - Song Sparrow, Twisted Tree and the Lake

We had hard rain Friday morning but by noon it had stopped, cleared somewhat all afternoon. At one point before supper it looked like the sun might make a break through. Puttered around the house doing a few things up then Margie and I motored (reminds me of the old community sections of the local newspaper - when people motored to visit friends and relatives) to Hunts Point for Clams & Chips (we had clams only - wasting no appetite on chips). It was our last Friday hooray!Went for a walk around the hood supper time - pretty quiet and then Friday Night Club. Lots of laughter last night. Good for the soul! Groceries this morning then I'll spend the afternoon in the kitchen doing lunch box preps - getting some meals ahead for Larry for upcoming weeks of my return to work. It will help til I get back in my routine. Chase the Ace tonight - will we be winners or just have a good evening with friends - maybe some cards or a board game. Either way it will be a good time.
 Song Sparrow perched on some low branches.
 The old twisted tree is leaving out and showed lovely reflections in the lake.
So calm and peaceful.

Enjoy your day!

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