Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 132 - 16th May 2017 - Greater Yellowlegs, Lighthouse and Northern Parula

Monday was a drizzly, wet day. No hard rain, just a continuous drizzle so you eventually got wet anyway, looks like it will clear today and be fine the rest of the week. I can get excited about a few days of sunshine. We made a quick trip to Yarmouth in the afternoon for Larry's eye appointment, picked up a few things I needed (forgot a few) and then headed home. The back road was pretty quiet as far as birds went - saw a couple of Swallows and Yellow Rumped Warblers at Bear Brook on the way home but nothing else. Have some things to do around the house this morning, start getting a few extra lunch box meals in the freezer for Larry. I go back to work in couple of weeks and it's nice to have something done when I'm busy. Later today Margie and I are going visiting an old friend at Blanche. Guess I better take Big B. along for the ride, should be a few birds on that route.

Greater Yellow Legs at the Guzzle.
 Looking from the Hawk over at the Lighthouse.
Northern Parula singing up a storm.

Enjoy your day!

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