Sunday, May 14, 2017

Day 130 - 14th May 2017 - Black & White Warbler, Northern Parula and a Deer

Happy Mother's Day! I was fortunate to grow up and have a great Mother, Grandmothers and a Great Grandmother in my life for many years. Still lucky to have my Mom. The Grandmothers and Great are gone but they were strong, resilient woman who taught us so much and spent loads of time with us. The sky was telling the tale of what's on the way for today - it was beautiful and red. Rain coming. After the fog and cold yesterday it turned out to be a lovely summer day. Warm and sunny. Stopped in Barrington and picked up our Chase the Ace tickets (we didn't win, but the Ace didn't go either so another week and maybe...) We had no luck  at A quick stop for groceries and then homeward bound to take advantage of the weather. Larry mowed the lawn and worked in the wood pile. I made a quick jaunt around the hood, did some yard work and a few things inside.
 Another first of the season - Black & White Warbler, love seeing the return of the Warblers to the hood.
 Northern Parula - quite a few of these little ones around now.
 Willet foraging for breakfast at Daniel's Head.
One of three deer that were together, close to the road and very tame. This was a little spike horn.

Enjoy your day!

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