Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 131 - 15th May 2017 - Ovenbird, Tulip and Tree Swallow

Here we are back at Monday. Rained hard yesterday afternoon and evening probably a little more on the way for today but not much. I did get for a quick run around the hood yesterday morning, but it was quiet. Not much around since it was windy and a little on the cooler side. Did the normal Sunday things, cooking, etc. Had a good visit and chatter with friends after lunch. The early mornings of the week finally had caught up with me, I had a super early night and slept probably 9 hours. Guess I needed that. Larry's home from work at lunch as he's got an eye appointment in Yarmouth. Guess I may go along, need to pick up a few things that I can't get here.
 This is a much smaller Tulip but very pretty with the yellow edgings.

Tree Swallow resting on the wires. The seem to have a lot of energy chasing and catching flies.

Our resident Mallards.

Enjoy your day!

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