Saturday, May 13, 2017

Day 129 - 13th May 201 - Ovenbird, Violets and Wild Strawberries

Moon is full this morning, pretty foggy out there with a bit of a chill in the air. Song Sparrow are beginning their daylight singing.  Loons are talking in the lake. Even though I get up way too early, I love the morning sounds of the country. We are going to try finding the Sandhill Crane once again on Cape Sable Island, he was sighted the other day, so fingers crossed. Will pick up our Chase the Ace tickets in Barrington and do some grocery shopping.  Hopefully we'll get some work done around the yard afterwards. Tomorrow is rain in the forecast so will be an inside day and plans to do some visiting. Friday was lunch out and Friday Night Club - more laughs than usual, some of us were wound up more than normal.  A pair of Geese with little ones were reported by a neighbour but after chasing around a good portion of the lake, I failed to find them. Will keep my eyes open though.
 First of the season - Ovenbird. His song is the distinctive - "". 
 Purple Wild Violets are in bloom everywhere, also a few white ones.
Wild Strawberries are blooming too, soon to be setting fruit.

Enjoy your day!

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