Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 137 - 21st May 2017 - Apple Blossoms, Northern Parula and Bunchberry

Beautiful morning out there. I slept in a bit so missed the early rise of the sun, but the birds are all tweeting and singing, ducks and geese are calling as they fly down the lake. Going to be another great day. Lots of work for Dorothy and I to do - hammering out the book manuscript she brought and laying it out. I think we'll find a little time to roam the hood, can't sit at the computer all day when it's fine weather. Think I'll let  everyone sleep in a little while longer then we'll get breakfast and start.
Saturday was another nice day but not near as hot as it has been. The wind blew all day cooling it a bit, but still very good. Spent the day at the auction and pulled into the driveway right behind our company. Great timing!

 Don't think the apple blossoms will last long - the wind seems to be scattering them quickly.
 Northern Parula's are popping up everywhere.
Wildflowers are covering the forest floor - Bunchberry.

Enjoy your day!

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