Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 123 - 2nd May 2017 - Raindrops, Cattail and Sparrow

There's a very vocal Owl right across the road this morning. If only I could find them during the day! More rain today but I don't mind a few days- it will keep me inside to get some work done. Started the spring cleaning yesterday, hopefully by the end of the week I can get the bulk of that done. Now is the time to get things done, I'm back to work at the end of the month so want to wrap some projects and home jobs up before returning. Always better under pressure! Maybe I can get out around the hood this morning between rain showers and see if any new Warblers have shown up in the last few days.

Raindrops and cobwebs.

Cattail - it looks more like  a marshmallow roasted too long over the fire.

The Sparrow was belting out the tunes.

Enjoy your day!

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