Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 147 - 31st May 2017 - American Redstart, Mallard babies and Bleeding Heart

Say goodbye to May, another month is on it's way out. The year is certainly flying by. Foggy out  this morning which means no frost for us. The garden is beginning to come to life, beets, swiss chard popping through the ground. Lots of birds singing and flitting around in the apple trees this morning. So good to hear them - Song Sparrows and Yellow Rumped Warblers, I recognize, a few I'm not sure. Busy day at work on Tuesday, more cleaning and set up done - it's really coming together. Today will finish things off and we'll get organized for the first of our summer visits, programs etc. Pot luck after work.
 An American Redstart was singing in the trees on the street behind the museum yesterday morning.
Mom, Mallard and her babies.
Bleeding hearts are beautiful.

Enjoy your day!

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