Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 148- 1st June 2017-Rhododendron, Red Eyed Vireo and Lilacs

Good Morning rainy June! I'm up too early - 4 am, going to be a very long day. Looks almost like the sky may clear, still a few dark clouds though. So today all the museums open - we've had a few visitors around the last few days as we completed the set ups, hopefully that's a sign of a good busy summer. Birding in town is turning out to be interesting - seeing a few around, along with beautiful flowers in gardens. No I don't normally creep around strangers yards, only people I know. Had a good day Wednesday, finished setting up, got some research prepared for a couple of researchers next week and we finished off the day with a potluck supper.

 Rhododendron blooms are lovely - big and full.
 This Red Eyed Vireo was hanging out in a peach tree of a friend's yard.
Her White Lilacs are in full bloom now too.

Enjoy your day!

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