Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 172 - 25th June 2017 - Downy Woodpecker, Rabbit and Mallards

Had a good day at work on Saturday even though the weather was kind of blah - humid and rainy, but this morning the sun is shining! Rah! I'm off again, have to do some meal prep, muffins etc. then maybe after supper we'll take a little run somewhere and see if there are any birds around. Of course there's a good chance I'll take a little jaunt around the hood this morning, probably be eaten up by the flies. No luck with Chase the Ace last night, but it lives so we'll try again in 2 weeks time. If nothing else we have a good time.

This Downy Woodpecker hit the window yesterday morning. I assumed it might be a young one since a female was calling and looking for him. But I'm not sure.
 Hidden behind some ferns, I almost didn't spot this Rabbit.
These youngsters are almost as big as their mom, but she still bosses them around.

Enjoy your day!

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